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ANDHRA PRADESH English and Foreign Languages University
English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad (Central University)

{tab=About University}

English and Foreign Languages University
Established in Year: 1958

The English and Foreign Languages University (EFL-U) is located in Hyderabad (India), a city that is more than four hundred years old. The institution is just a year old as the EFL University, but it is actually fifty years old as CIEFL (as it was formerly known). You will notice that the new name, EFL-U (pronounced “ii-fl”), is contained in the old name CIEFL (pronounced “sii-fl”), even as the new institution has emerged from the old, with a renewed commitment to academic excellence.

In recognition of its outstanding academic contributions and meritorious record, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous institution of the University Grants Commission had granted a fivestar accreditation for five years to the EFL University in 2000, the five stars indicating the highest grade permissible.

The English and Foreign Languages University is a Central University, dedicated to the study of English and foreign languages, and is the only one of its kind in South Asia. It has been specially set up to conduct advanced research and training in English and foreign languages in the areas of Teacher Education, Literature, Linguistics, Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies.

The mandate of the University is to advance and disseminate “instructional, research and extension facilities in the teaching of English and Foreign Languages and Literatures in India” as well as “to take appropriate measures for inter-disciplinary studies and research in Literary and Cultural Studies, and to develop critical inter-cultural understanding of civilizations.”


The Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMRC), set up at the University in 1984, includes a full-fledged television and sound studio complex, and is equipped with the latest recording systems. The Centre has produced many TV programmes on various subjects which are regularly telecast under the UGC Countrywide Classroom programmes on the Doordarshan national network, with an estimated viewership of more than twenty million.

The programmes are structured in such a way that they take the students out of the classroom and beyond the textbook.


The Publications Unit was established in 1977 to publish and disseminate the learned work and the teaching materials brought out by this institution. A complete catalogue of our publications, ranging from research monographs to audio and print material for learners of English and foreign languages taught in our University, may be obtained from the unit.

The press attached to the Publications Unit has now been provided with state-ofthe-art equipment and an ambitious programme of publications is now under way.


The Ramesh Mohan Library at the EFL University, Hyderabad campus, is a Resource Centre for academic and research activities in the areas of Language Teaching, Linguistics and Literatures in English and foreign languages. The major objective of the library is to provide relevant and up-to-date bibliographic information to the faculty, research scholars and students at the University.

The Library has a good collection of audio tapes, video tapes and CDs. The Library subscribes to a large number of learned journals and periodicals in print. Online access to some of the print journals is also provided.The bibliographic details of the library collection are available on computers using NewGenLib Software.

The Library users can access books they desire to consult through Online Public Access Catalogues (OPAC). The Library has automated its in-house activities like Serial Management, Acquisition and Circulation Services.


The University has 11 Schools and 38 Departments.

School of English Language Education

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Studies

  • Materials Development, Testing and Evaluation

  • Training, Development and Education

School of Language Sciences

  • Phonetics and Spoken English

  • Linguistics and Contemporary English

  • Computational Linguistics

School of English Literary Studies

  • English Literature

  • English Literature of Commonwealth Countries

  • American and Caribbean Literatures

  • Literary Theory and Criticism

School of Distance Education

  • English Language Teaching, Linguistics and Phonetics

  • Literatures in English

  • Distance Education in Foreign Languages and Literatures

School of Communication Studies

  • Media and Communication

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Film Studies and Visual Communication

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Arts, Aesthetics and Comparative Philosophy

  • Comparative Literature

  • Cultural Studies

  • Social Exclusion Studies

  • Hindi and India Studies

  • Translation Studies

School of Middle-East and African Studies

  • Arabic Language and Linguistics

  • Arabic Literature

School of Asian Studies

  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean Studies

  • Persian Studies

  • Turkish Studies

School of Germanic Studies

  • German Language and Linguistics

  • German Literature

  • Germanic Languages and Literatures

  • Austrian and Swiss-German Literatures

School of Romance Studies

  • French Studies

  • Francophone Studies

  • Hispanic Studies

  • Portuguese Studies

  • Italian Studies

School of Russian Studies

  • Russian Language and Linguistics

  • Russian Literature

{tab=Courses Offered}


  • Five-year Integrated M.A. English and M.C.J.

  • Two-year M.A. English

  • Two-year M.A. TESL

  • Two-year M.A. Linguistics

  • Two-year M.A. English (TESL)

  • Two-year M.A. English (Linguistics)

  • B.Ed. English

  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of English

  • Research Programmes: M.Phil. and Ph.D.


  • M.A. English

  • Postgraduate Certificate in the Teaching of English

  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of English

  • Research Programmes: M.Phil. and Ph.D.


  • Certificate of Proficiency in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

  • Diploma in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

  • Advanced Diploma in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

  • Five-year Integrated M.A. in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

  • Two-year M.A. in Arabic and French

  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of Arabic

  • Research Programmes in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish


  • Five-year Integrated M.A. English and M.C.J.

  • Two-year M.A. English

  • Postgraduate Diploma in the Teaching of English

  • Research Programmes: M.Phil. and Ph.D. (English Language Education)

  • Part-time courses in German


Two of our high-profile English Language Teaching outreach programmes are the District Centre Scheme and the ELTI Support Scheme. For over twenty years, the District Centre Scheme, which is run on behalf of the Human Resource Development Ministry, Government of India, has provided essential in-service training to 35,000 English teachers from secondary schools in the government sector.

The other influential outreach programme, the ELTI Government of India Support Scheme, is a sponsored project, through which the EFL University monitors the academic programmes of the fourteen English Language Teaching Institutes in India, and provides academic support to them in the form of syllabus design, materials development and train-the-trainer courses.


All India English Language Testing Authority (AIELTA)

If you wish to find out how good your English is, at The English and Foreign Languages University we have the All India English Language Testing Authority (AIELTA) to help you establish/rate your proficiency. AIELTA develops and administers a range of English language tests to measure a language user?s functional abilities.

For details, contact the Coordinator, AIELTA, The EFL University, Hyderabad – 500 605.


Owing to the language barrier, valuable research sources in foreign languages, in the form of published books, papers etc., cannot be accessed by our scholars. The University plans to set up a Centre to translate such resources into English and Indian languages and make them available to researchers.

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{tab=Contact Details}
Hyderabad, India – 500 605

EPABX: +91-(0)40 27098131, 27098033, 27098588, 27098690, 27689400
Website: www.efluniversity.ac.in

Moti Mahal Campus, 2, Rana Pratap Marg Lucknow, India – 226 001

Telefax: + 91-(0) 522216073

NEHU Permanent Complex Umshing – Mawkynroh Shillong, India – 793 022

Telephone: +91-(0)364-2550065/2550038
Fax: + 91-(0)364-2550038

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