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ANDHRA PRADESH Sri Padmavati Mahila Vishwavidyalayam
Sri Padmavati Mahila Vishwavidyalayam, Tirupati (State University)

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Sri Padmavati Mahila Vishwavidyalayam
Established in Year: 1983

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (University for Women)was founded in the year 1983 by Sri N.T.Rama Rao, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, with the fervent desire to train women students as better builders of the Nation and to inculcate skills of leadership in all aspects of life.The University was established under the Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam Act of 1983,which has come into force on the 14 of April 1983.It was started with ten faculties and 300 students and twenty staff members. Today the University has a student population of 2700 and an academic staff 250. This year the University is going to have 59 courses at the post-graduate and undergraduate level and a good component of research.

The campus of Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam is spread out in a lush green area of 138.43 acres. The University is situated at a distance of 3 km from the railway and bus stations of Tirupati.The campus has the necessary buildings to run its academic programmes and administrative machinery. There are separate buildings for Humanities and Sciences, University’s Administration, Central Library, University Auditorium, Sericulture Complex, and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and also an independent building for Computer Science and Computer centre.


  • Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (University for Women) established in the year 1983 and accredited with four stars status by NAAC has given unparalleled service to Women’s Education in Andhra Pradesh, drawing on the great cultural traditions of the Country as well as keeping in tune with changing times, channels of employability and assuring quality education in teaching as well as research.

  • We shall continue to produce graduates who are equipped to contribute to the intellectual social, political, moral and material development of the societies in which they are to live and recognize that the development of contemporary societies reflects diversity along side consensus and acknowledgement of the past as well as concern for innovation.

  • We shall continue to undertake research, consultancy and other forms of service to local and regional communities, which will enrich our teaching and advance our quest for wisdom and truth.

  • We shall make known our mission in Tirupati as well as nationally and internationally.


To fulfill our mission – “Emancipation of Women through Acquisition of Knowledge”, we have set major goals. These goals guide our planning strategies, which we review and update annually. We do our outmost to achieve each goal by safeguarding our established freedom to create an environment of excellence in teaching and research and by maintaining our status as a teaching institution of higher education in the region.

  • To offer educational services, both general and professional, to women of all age groups, especially in Andhra Pradesh, to shape to their lives and careers.

  • To facilitate and maintain excellence in teaching

  • To advance knowledge through research and scholarly activity

  • To attract the most intellectually able staff and students

  • To secure and manage the resources that serve the interest of women through networking and collaboration

  • To disseminate knowledge to benefit and serve Andhra Pradesh, Indian and International Community.


SPMVV is located in a spacious and peaceful surroundings, away from the Tirupati, nestling at the foot of the sacred Tirumala Hills from times immemorial, is one of the most famous places of pilgrimage in India.It is situated in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. Thousands of pilgrims visit Tirumala Hills every day, making Tirupati a city predominated by floating population. Despite the inundation of pilgrims with diverse cultures and languages from all over the country and abroad, Tirupati preserves its own identity and cultural heritage. The city is surrounded by well-known places of pilgrimage, Sri Kalahasti on the North, Tiruchanur on the South, and Kanipakam on the West.

The offices of the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Controller of Examinations and other administrative staff are housed in the Administrative building situated at the entrance of the University campus. The offices of the Deans are situated in their respective buildings.The Warden’s office is located in the Hostel premises.

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Office / Designation

Contact No's
91-877-2284567 (Off)
91-877-2284568 (Fax)
91-877-2284555 (Res)
91-877-2284588 (Off)
91-877-2284599 (Res)
Dean, School of Sciences 2284500
Dean, School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Management 2284501
Dean, Academic Affairs 2284502
Dean, Student Affairs 2284507
Dean of Examinations 2284561
Library 2284517
Librarian 2284540
Examination Section 2284549
Controller of Examinations 2284561
C.E.(Resi) 2284562
Warden Office 2284578
Warden Residence 2284579
Co-ordinator I.Q.A.C. 2284596
Co-ordinator I.M.F. 2284597
University Engineer 2284574
Dept of Applied Economics 2284564
Department of Biochemistry 2284528
Department of Biotechnology 2284529
Department of Business (MBA) 2284530
Department of Communication & Journalism 2284516
Department of Computer Science 2284521
Department of Computer Centre 2284522
Department of Education 2284510
Department of English 2284515
Department of Food and Nutrition 2284520
Department of HDFS –Bio-I 2284519
Department of Law 2284513
Department of Mathematics 2284512
Department of Microbiology 2284518
Department of Music 2284514
Department of Organic Chemistry 2284533
Department of Pharmacy 2284531
Department of Physical Education 2284523
Department of Physics 2284525
Department of Sericulture 2284526
Department of Social Work 2284511
Department of Telugu Studies 2284509
Department of Women’s Studies 2284508
Department of Zoology 2284527
Centre for Women’s Studies 2284534
Centre for Ambedkar Studies 2284539
Day Care Centre 2284592
Distance Education Centre 2284524
Health Centre 2284557
IGNOU Study Centre 2284593
Indira Gandhi Studies Centre 2284537
Communication & Journalism Lab 2284536
N.S.S 2284535
P.R.O 2284538
Placement officer 2284554
Finance Officer 2284560
Academic Affairs 2284548
Academic Section 2284550
Accounts Section-I 2284541
Accounts Section-II 2284542
Audit Section 2284553
Teaching Establishment 2284544
Non-Teaching Establishment 2284543
Complaints Cell (Phones & Ele) 2284595
Dy. E. Engineer-I & UEI/C 2284590
Dy.E. Engineer –I & UEI/C 2284545
Deputy Executive Engineer – II 2284546
Deputy Executive Engineer –III 2284547
Dy.E.Engineer (Electrical) 2284559
Non – Teaching Employees 2284594
Pump House 2284598
Generator Room 2284558
University Examination Hall 2284563
Security-I 2284551
Security-II 2284552
Warden Office 2284578
Warden Residence 2284579
Hostel Main Gate 2284591
Hostel Office 2284580
Engineering Hostel 2284581
Kinnera Hostel 2284582
Kalyani Hostel 2284583
Gauthami Hostel 2284584
Gangotri Hostel 2284585
Sravanthi Hostel 2284586
Gaythri Block Hostel 2284587
Office / Designation E-Mail Ids
VC Office vc (a) spmvv.ac.in
Registrar Office registrar (a) spmvv.ac.in
Administrative Sections
Academic Section academic (a) spmvv.ac.in
Accounts Section accounts (a) spmvv.ac.in
Engineering Section engineer (a) spmvv.ac.in
Examination Section examcell (a) spmvv.ac.in
Non Teaching Establishment nonteaching (a) spmvv.ac.in
Teaching Establishment teaching (a) spmvv.ac.in
UGC Section ugc (a) spmvv.ac.in
School of Sciences deanss (a) spmvv.ac.in
Applied Mathematics mathematics (a) spmvv.ac.in
Applied Microbiology microbiology (a) spmvv.ac.in
Biochemistry biochemistry (a) spmvv.ac.in
Bioinformatics bioinformatics (a) spmvv.ac.in
Biotechnology biotech (a) spmvv.ac.in
Computer Science cs (a) spmvv.ac.in
Home Science homescience (a) spmvv.ac.in
Organic Chemistry chemistry (a) spmvv.ac.in
Pharmaceutical Technology pharmacy (a) spmvv.ac.in
Physics physics (a) spmvv.ac.in
Sericulture sericulture (a) spmvv.ac.in
School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Management deansshm (a) spmvv.ac.in
Business Management mba (a) spmvv.ac.in
Communication & Journalism cj (a) spmvv.ac.in
Education education (a) spmvv.ac.in
English Language & Literature english (a) spmvv.ac.in
Law law (a) spmvv.ac.in
Music & Fine Arts music (a) spmvv.ac.in
Physical Education physicaleducation (a) spmvv.ac.in
Social Work socialwork (a) spmvv.ac.in
Telugu Studies telugu (a) spmvv.ac.in
School of Engineering & Technology set (a) spmvv.ac.in
BIF bif (a) spmvv.ac.in
Campus Network Hub network (a) spmvv.ac.in
Centre for Women’s Studies womenstudies (a) spmvv.ac.in
Computer Centre cc  (a) spmvv.ac.in
Distance Education Centre dec (a) spmvv.ac.in
IGNOU Study Centre ignou (a) spmvv.ac.in
IMF imf (a) spmvv.ac.in
IQAC iquac (a) spmvv.ac.in
Placement Bureau placement (a) spmvv.ac.in
University Library library (a) spmvv.ac.in
University Hostels hostel (a) spmvv.ac.in
Health Centre healthcentre (a) spmvv.ac.in

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{modal url=http://www.spmvv.ac.in/}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Sri Padmavati Mahila Vishwavidyalayam



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