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MATS University, Raipur (Private University)

{tab=About University}

MATS University Official logo of MATS University - Chhattisgarh
Established in Year: 2006

Established under Chhattisgarh Act No* 29 of 2006 |Chhattisgarh Private Universities (Establishment and Operation) (Amendment) Act, 2006], Recognised by UGC, New Delhi, MATS University provides holistic education that combines modernity with classical grace, scientific professionalism and humanistic compassion to prepare India to meet the opportunities of future. Education, Research and Training is a catalyst for growth. It's a service sector that will propel the growth rate of this great nation. Making available globally relevant and industry focused higher education in India is not the only role. The challenge would be in imparting this knowledge such that it prepares the students to meet the requirements and challenges of life.

The focus of MATS University is on individual student, his aspirations and career. Further, it aims to inculcate the right values, skills and attitude to meet the opportunities and challenges coming in the way of student. MATS University will equip the students with an armoury that prepares the students to live life to its fullest satisfaction. Our aspiration to broaden all facets of intellectual frontier (professional, persona), social, spiritual and emotional) of the students can be achieved only with the establishment of a university of highest distinction which stands loftily on the strong foundation of Academics, Research and Consultancy.

Wc recognize that as a university, it is our responsibility to not only disseminate knowledge but also to generate knowledge and become a spring of wisdom that will fuel the economy of India. Research and Consultancy are the two focus areas into which MATS University will branch out. Establishing our credential as a premium and leading centre of Research in various fields of study will be important in furthering our aim. Consultancy is a means to transfer the innovative thinking, theory and thoughts to industry for this development* Infusing the industry with practical and relevant principles and practices will be a role to look-on. We acknowledge that establishing a world-class university is all about developing a team of visionary academicians, research scholars and education leaders, who have a global outlook and aspiration.

The leadership at MATS will stem from some of the best minds in the world. We hope to see the captains of industry, great thinkers and scholars from across the world associated with MATS in various capacities. The Management of MATS will consider its forte in creating un infrastructure of highest caliber with an academic environment stimulated with Research orientation and thirst for knowledge. Facilities at MATS University will be unparallcl, without any comparison to date-

ln conclusion, MATS University is beginning with a dream to build India as a global intellectual capital.


To become a world class center in providing globally relevant education. MATS will be the Global University, known for the quality academic programs and outstanding faculty, products and services to students and clients independent of place and time constraint. MATS University will be a benchmark institution for lifelong partnerships with students, the workforce, and public and private enterprises. Building on its proud tradition, MATS University will extend educational opportunity to those who will make our state (Chhattisgarh), our nation, and global society a better place to live and work.


To foster an intellectual and ethical environment in which the spirit and skills within MATS will thrive so as to impart high quality education, training, research and consultancy services with a global outlook and human values. To create und develop technocrats, entrepreneurs and business leaders who will strive to improve the quality of human life. To create truly world class schools of Management Science s. Engineering Sciences, Information Technology, Basin and Applied Sciences, Humanity & Social Science and Life Skills.

{tab=Courses Offered}

Programmes offered at MATS University are innovative, practical oriented and industry focused. The programmes are designed to enhance practical knowledge, develop managerial / technical skills and to develop professional attitude.

MATS Law School
(Approved by Bar Council of India (BCI)

  • B.B.A. LL.B. - Bachelor of Law (Hon.) (5 Years Integrated Course)

  • LL.M. - Master of Law

School of Education
(Approved by NCTE)

  • B.Ed. - Bachelor of Education

  • M.Ed. - Master of Education*

  • MA - Master of Arts (Education)

  • M.P.Ed. - Master of Physical Education*

  • M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy

  • Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

School of Engineering and Technology
(Approved by AICTE)

  • BE (CSE) - Computer Science Engineering

  • BE (ECE) - Electronics & Communication

  • BE (ME) - Mechanical Engineering

  • BE (IT) - Information Technology

  • BE (CE) - Civil Engineering*

  • ME (CSE) - Computer Science Engineering

  • ME (ME) - Mechanical Engineering

School of Management Studies and Research
(Approved by AICTE)

  • BBM - Bachelor of Business Management

  • BBM (G) - Bachelor of Business Management (Global)

  • MBA - Master of Business Administration

  • M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy

  • Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

School of Basic Sciences

  • MSc. - Master of Science (Nano-Science & Technology)*

  • MSc. - Master of Science (Physics (Materials Sc.))*

  • MSc. - Master of Science (Chemistry (Industrial/Polymer))*

  • MSc. - Master of Science (Maths. (Computational Maths.))*

  • MSc. - Master of Science (Environmental Science)*

  • Msc. - Master of Science (Non-conventional Energy)*

  • M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy

  • Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

School of Information Technology
(Approved by AICTE)

  • BCA - Bachelor of Computer Applications

  • MCA - Master of Computer Applications

  • PGDCA - PG Diploma in Computer Applications

  • DCA - Diploma in Computer Applications

  • M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy

  • Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

School of Life Sciences

  • B.Sc. (BT) - Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)

  • B.Sc. (MB) - Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)

  • MSc. (BT) - Master of Science (Biotechnology)

  • MSc. (MB) - Master of Science (Microbiology)

  • MSc. (BI) - Master of Science (Bioinformatics)

  • M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy

  • Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

School of Humanities and Social Science

  • B.Sc.-FDT - Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design. & Tech.

  • MA - Master of Arts (English)

  • MA - Master of Arts (Hindi)

  • M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy

  • Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

School of Business Studies

  • B. Com. - Bachelor of Commerce - (Accounting & Finance/ Banking & Insurance)

  • M. Com. - Master of Commerce (Finance/Accounting/Insurance)

  • M.Phil. - Master of Philosophy

  • Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

School of Fashion Designing

  • B.Sc.-FDT - Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design. & Tech.

  • CFDT - Certificate in Fashion Design. & Tech. (1 Yr.)

  • CFDT - Certificate in Fashion Design. & Tech. (6 Months)

Distance Education

The University offers both Short-term- and long Programme leading to certificates, Diplomas and Degree. They are Conventional as well as innovative, All these Programmes have been developed after initial survey of demand for such programmes and are launched with a view to fulfill the learner's need for:

  • Certification

  • Self-enrichment.

  • Skill Development.

  • Acquisition of Professional qualifications.

  • Continued education and Professionalism at work place.

  • Diversification, empowerment and up gradation of knowledge.

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{tab=Contact Details}

University Campus
Aarang – Kharora Highway, Aarang,
Raipur 493 441 (C.G.)
Tel: +917714078994, 4078995, 4078996, 4078998

City Information Centre
MATS Tower, Pandri, Raipur 492 002 (C.G.)
Tel : +91 771 4078995, 4078996
Fax : +91 771 4078997
E-mail : info (a) matsuniversity.ac.in

{tab=Official Website}

{modal url=http://www.matsuniversity.ac.in/}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of MATS University



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