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DELHI Indian Law Institute
Indian Law Institute, Bhagwandas Road (Deemed University)
{tab=About University}

Indian Law Institute, Bhagwandas Road
Established in Year: 2004

The Indian Law Institute (ILI) was founded in 1956 primarily with the objective of promoting and conducting legal research. The objectives of the Institute as laid down in its Memorandum of Association are to cultivate the science of law, to promote advanced studies and research in law so as to meet the social, economic and other needs of the Indian people, to promote systematization of law, to encourage and conduct investigations in legal and allied fields, to improve legal education, to impart instructions in law, and to publish studies, books, periodicals, etc.

The Institute is an autonomous body registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, the Indian Law Institute has the requisite independence and academic freedom to carry out its objectives. The membership of the Institute is now nearly three thousand representing the persons interested in the study and advancement of law.
Hon’ble Chief Justice of India is the ex-officio President of the Institute. The Law Minister of Government of India & the Attorney-General for India are its ex-officio Vice Presidents. Third Vice-President is elected by the members of the Governing Council, from among themselves. Judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and High Courts, prominent lawyers, Government officials and Professors of Law are represented in the Governing Council of the Institute.

The Institute's Library is one of the best libraries in the country. It has more than 75000 titles. It subscribes to 270 current legal periodicals. JILI is one of the leading law journal. ASIL contains surveys written by academicians and practitioners.

The Indian Law Institute has been granted Deemed University Status in 2004 vide Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development Notification No. F.9-9/2001-U.3 dated 29.10.2004.

The broad objectives of the Indian Law Institute are:

  • to cultivate the science of law, and to promote advanced studies and research in law and its administration;
  • to promote the reform of administration of justice and of law and its health/development suitable to the social, economic and other
  • needs of the people;
  • to promote the clarification, simplification and systematization of law;
  • to encourage and conduct investigations in legal and allied fields;
  • to promote the diffusion of the knowledge of law and its administration and principles on which they are based;
  • to promote the improvement of legal education, and to impart instruction in law and allied fields;
  • to publish studies, treatises, books, periodicals, reports and other literature relating to law and allied fields;
  • to undertake documentation of important legal and allied materials;
  • to institute and maintain libraries;
  • to cooperate with other societies, institutions and organizations, national and international, in the pursuit of all or any of the above objects;
  • to constitute or cause to be constituted regional offices at convenient centers in India to promote the activities of the Institute.

{tab=Courses Offered}

Master of Law (LL.M.) - 1 year course

Master of Law (LL.M.) - 2 year course

Post Graduate Diploma Courses (Duration of all courses is one year)

  • (i) Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • (ii) Corporate Laws and Management
  • (iii) Cyber Law
  • (iv) Intellectual Property Rights Laws
  • (v) Labour Law
  • (vi) Tax Law

On-Line Certificate Courses in:

  • i) Intellectual Property Rights and Information Technology in the Internet Age, and
  • ii) Cyber Law

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{tab=Contact Details}

(Deemed University)
Bhagwan Dass Road, New Delhi - 110 001

Fax: 91-11-23386321
email: ili@ili.ac.in
Telegram: Institute

{tab=Official Website}

{modal url=http://www.ili.ac.in/}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Indian Law Institute, Bhagwandas Road



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