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GUJARAT Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University
Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahemdabad (State University)

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Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University Official logo of Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology University - Gujarat
Established in Year: 2005


The Ahmedabad Education Society (AES) established the Centre for Environment Planning & Technology (CEPT) in the year 1962 with the starting of School of Architecture (SA) through grant-in-aid from Government of Gujarat. The School of Planning (SP) was established in 1972 with financial support from Government of India (MHRD), Government of Gujarat and Ford Foundation. The other schools; School of Building Science and Technology (SBST) and School of Interior Design (SID) were established in 1982 and 1991 respectively with grant-in-aid from Government of Gujarat.

Initially CEPT was established and run by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES). In the year 1994, a separate trust and a society CEPT Society was formed. CEPT is registered as a Society and Public Charitable Trust. CEPT has been registered under the Societies whether Registered Society/ Company/Others Registration Act 1860 with the Asst. Registrar of Societies, Ahmedabad Region, Ahmedabad, vide Registration No. Guj/4185/ Ahmedabad dated 24 Jan 1994.

Since inception CEPT operated as an autonomous academic institution free to develop its academic programmes and award its own diplomas at the end of various programmes of study recognized by the State of Gujarat and the statutory regulatory body for technical courses - the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). From 2002 - 2005, CEPT had been affiliated to the Hemachandracharya North Gujarat University at Patan. Consequently, the students completing various programmes at CEPT were awarded bachelor’s and master’s degree. CEPT became a University by the Gujarat State Legislature Act of 2005 with effect from April 12, 2005. It has been recognized by the University Grants Commission under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956 in February 2007. The University is recognized as Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).


Knowledge with wisdom is the motto of the university. CEPT University through its programmes strives to make students aware of the multidimensional issues of contemporary society and to meet the challenges arising in resolving these issues with gaining knowledge and wisdom.

Innovative changes in curriculum and teaching methods are undertaken regularly to keep pace with the advances in the relevant areas. Considering the professional nature of the disciplines dealing with human habitation and the built form, a number of experts from the industry / profession regularly teach at CEPT University as visiting faculty.

CEPT University aspires not only to train competent technocrats but also to increase the students’ sensitivity to emotional, spiritual, cultural and aesthetic dimensions. The students are also equipped to understand the complex societal forces that would they would have to face when they begin their professional life.


The process of acquiring wisdom along with knowledge is the most important component of education when the individual develops human values defined by our ancients in three simple and beautiful words - Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram - Truth, Love and Beauty. Each is equated to God. The fundamental aim of education is to provide students with a purpose in life. Education is an initiation into the life of the Spirit, training the human soul in the pursuit of truth and practice of virtue.


  • To become a Resource Centre in the service of the State, industry, society and the profession by developing data-bases and reference materials and offering training programmes, continuing educational courses and consultancy services.

  • To synergize and facilitate work/study environment for students and the faculty.

  • To encourage inter institutional collaborations in India and abroad.

  • To create an environment for creativity and innovations.



CEPT University campus is located at the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus of the much larger campus of the Ahmedabad Education Society (AES). The colleges of arts, science, commerce, business management and pharmacy of AES, and Vikram A. Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Kanoria Centre for Arts and Hutheesinh Visual Arts Centre are located in the vicinity. There are over 8000 Sq metres of Studios, Lecture Halls, Theatre, Workshops, Laboratories, Library & Computer Centres and general activity spaces. CEPT University has acquired additional land from AES admeasuring about 25 acres for future development.


CEPT Library houses approximately 37,000 books, technical videos, and teaching materials in the subjects of Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Technology & Management, Urban & Regional Planning, Housing, Environmental Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Design, Visual Art, Humanities etc. Additionally, the library has Inter Library Books Loan Arrangements with reputed institutions in the city, and is a member of INFLIBNET. The library subscribes to about 110 periodicals (Indian/foreign) journals. Library Operations are computerized to facilitate normal maintenance functions as well as search and retrieval of books. The library is open for fourteen hours a day.> INTERNET ACCESS More than 430 workstations (PCs) are located all over the campus. Internet bandwidth 6 MBPS with Internet connections to about 240 work stations. Internet accessibility through Wi-Fi network is available in the entire campus. In addition, there is an exclusive Cyber Space with 12 PCs.


  • Computer Laboratories. There are 13 Computer Laboratories, which are well equipped with a range of workstations, software, printers, plotters and input devices for Computer Aided Design studies and simulations. To give more time to students, besides decentralizing computer facilities school wise, separate facilities are provided for PG/UG Programs.

  • Structural Laboratory. All material testing equipment to carry out physical tests on cement / concrete / soil / bricks/aggregate etc. with Loading Frame to test structural elements and Universal Testing Machine.

  • Environmental Science Laboratory. Solar-scope, Sun-dial, Lux meters, Decibel Meters & Data Loggers for Thermal Illumination and Sound Level.

  • The Photography and Documentation Laboratory. This houses cameras and documentation equipment, slide duplication and storage facilities, enlargers, printers and dark room facilities.

  • The Remote Sensing Laboratory. This laboratory has extensive facilities for interpretation of Satellite Imagery and its utilization in Urban & Regional Planning.

  • Energy Environment and Transportation Laboratory (Energy Simulation). This workshop has extensive equipment and testing facilities. Digital Image Processing Laboratory has the latest computer hardware and software to process digital data from the latest Indian Remote Sensing Satellite.

  • Geographical Information System Laboratory. This laboratory has the state-of-the-art computer hardware and the latest Arc-Info Software for G1S applications.
    Digital Image Processing Laboratory


  • Wood & Metal workshops

  • Materials Museum

  • Products Museum and various support facilities

  • The Sculpture, Ceramic, and Graphics Workshops. These workshops are shared with the Kanoria Centre for Arts. Extensive facilities exist for teaching and experimentation in these areas

  • The Textile Weaving and Printing Workshops. These workshops provide support for courses in textile and graphic design within the Interior Design program

  • The Furniture Workshop and Plastics Workshop. These workshops supplement the Interior Design Programme.

  • In addition there are the Wood & Metal workshops, Materials Museum, Products Museums and various support facilities.


CEPT University endeavours to provide residential accommodation to outstation students at separate hostels provided by the parent body. Residential apartments are also located and recommended to house the students conveniently.

{tab=Courses Offered}

Post Graduate Programmes


  • Master of Architecture (Urban Design)

  • Master of Architecture (Theory & Design)

  • M. Arch in Architecture & Settlement Conservation

  • M. Sc in Conservation Studies

  • Master of Sustainable Architecture


  • Master of Planning ( Urban and Regional Planning )

  • Master of Planning ( Environmental Planning )

  • Master of Planning ( Housing )

  • Master of Planning ( Infrastructure Planning )

  • Master of Planning ( Industrial Area Planning and Management )

  • Master of Planning ( Urban Transport Planning and Management )

  • Master of Planning ( Rural Planning and Management )


  • Master of Interior Architecture & Design


  • Master of Technology ( Construction and Project Management )

  • Master of Technology ( Structural Design )

  • Master of Technology ( Infrastructure Engineering & Management )

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Construction & Project Management

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Structural Design


  • Full Time MBA in Technology Management

  • Part Time MBA in Infrastructure Management


  • Master of Art, Design and Communication

  • Master of Arts Journalism


  • M.Sc. ( Geomatics & Space Applications )

  • M.Sc. ( GIS Enterprise )


  • Masters degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Climate Change and Sustainable Development


  • Master of Landscape Architecture

Under Graduate Programmes


  • Bachelor of Architecture


  • Bachelor of Planning


  • Bachelor of Interior Design


  • Bachelor of Technology (Hons.) Civil-Construction

Doctoral Studies - Doctoral Research Fellowship

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{tab=Contact Details}

Ms. Anita Hiranandani, Registrar registrar (a) cept.ac.in
Col. M. H. Buch (Retd.), Projects Executive, Centre for Research, Development & Consultancy buch (a) cept.ac.in
Mr. S. J. Chauhan, Chief Finance Officer sjchauhan (a) cept.ac.in
Prof. Nirmala Khadpekar, News & Bulletin Board nirmala (a) cept.ac.in 
news (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Bijal Bhavsar, Alumni & Recruitment bijal.bhavsar (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Anu Roy,  Campus & General Enquiries enquiries (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Rema Haridasan, International Student Affairs sa (a) cept.ac.in
Information on Programmes
Mr. Ramesh Rawal, UG Programmes - Architecture ramesh.rawal (a) cept.ac.in
Mr. C. I Augustien, PG Programmes - Architecture ciaugustien (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Hansa Gohel, UG Programmes - Technology hansa.gohel (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Kalpana Bhatt, PG Programmes - Technology [ CPM, SD ]

Mr. Tapan Parmar, PG Programmes - Technology [ MIEM ]

cpm (a) cept.ac.in

tapan.parmar (a) cept.ac.in

Mr. I. V. Krishnadas, UG / PG Programmes - Design sid (a) cept.ac.in
Mr. Soma Shekar, UG Programmes - Planning & Public Policy soma.shekar (a) cept.ac.in
Mr. V. N. Devanand / Mr. Gopal Shah,
PG Programmes - Planning & Public Policy
sp (a) cept.ac.in 
gopalshah (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Judith Vasava, PG Programmes - Technology Management judith.vasava (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Nasrin Bhojani, PG Programmes - Arts & Humanities nasrin.bhojani (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Darshana Rawal,PG Programmes - Geomatics & Space Applications rawalnet (a) cept.ac.in
Mr. Tapan Parmar, PG Programmes - Climate Change Studies tapan.parmar (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Bhakti Vaishnav, Doctoral Programme phd (a) cept.ac.in
Ms. Disha Shah, Centre for Continuing Education disha.shah (a) cept.ac.in
Mr. Abdulkadir Popatia, Anchor Institute for Infrastructure Sector cept.anchor (a) cept.ac.in
Mr. Mahendra Soni, Diploma in Photography sonimahendra (a) cept.ac.in

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