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GUJARAT Gujarat University
Gujarat University, Ahmedabad (State University)

{tab=About University}

Gujarat University Official logo of Gujarat University - Gujarat
Established in Year: 1950

Highlights of the University

  • Oldest and biggest university of the State

  • Most preferred university among students for professional courses

  • Regular and timely conduct of Academic Programs

  • Timely conduct of examinations and declaration of results

  • Internal and external evaluation

  • Highly co-operative staff

  • Culture of academic autonomy to faculty members

  • Introduce market oriented courses

  • Participation of students in decision making

  • Highest enrolment of students in the undergraduate and post graduate courses in the State.

  • External programs are extremely popular in spite of two open universities in the State/City.

  • Administration and management of the university with a lean staff, therefore higher productivity per employee.

  • Timely and transparent election to power bodies.

  • Well placed alumni all over the globe.

  • Socially sensitive institution.

  • Facility of Central Consumer Co-op. Store within university building which works as a sales counter for various forms & stationery to students and provision goods to employees of the university. It also has a facility of photocopying for students.

  • Banking and Postal facility available at university campus.

{tab=Courses Offered}

Doctorate Courses

  • Doctor of Philosophy

  • Doctor of Medicine

Post Graduate Courses

  • Master of Philosophy

  • Master of Commerce

  • Master of Commerce - Integrated with Finance & International Business

  • Master of Arts

  • Master of Laws

  • Master of Education

  • Master of Computer Application

  • Master of Business Administration

  • Master of Business Administration - Integrated

  • Master of Science - Information Technology

  • Master of Science

  • Master of Science - Forensic Science

  • Master of Pharmacy

  • Master of Journalism Studies

  • Master of Development Communication

  • Master of Physical Education

  • Master of Labour Welfare

  • Master of Surgery

  • Master of Engineering

  • Master of Library & Information Sciences

  • Master of Nursing

  • Master of Chirugai

  • Master of Dental Surgery

  • Master of Pysiotherapy

Bachelor Courses

  • Bachelor of Arts

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Bachelor of Science

  • Bachelor of Engineering

  • Bachelor of Laws

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Bachelor of Physical Education

  • Bachelor of Computer Application

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Bachelor of Drama

  • Bachelor of Library & Information Sciences

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

  • Bachelor of Science – Nursing

  • Bachelor of Science – Audio & Speech Therapy

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy

  • Bachelor of Communication, Journalism & Public Relations

  • Bachelor of Science – Fire

  • Bachelor of Architect

Diploma Courses

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Plant Tissue Culture

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Plant Biodiversity

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Space Science & its Applications

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Markets & Insurance

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science & its Applications

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Investment & Financial Analysis

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Translation

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Export-Import & International Finance

  • Diploma in Clinical & Community Psychology

  • Diploma in Counselling Psychology

  • Diploma in Linguistics

  • Diploma in Labour Laws & Practice

  • Diploma in Taxation Laws & Practice

  • Diploma in Intellectual Property Right

  • Diploma in Legislative Drafting

  • Diploma in Environmental Law

  • Diploma in Opthalmology

  • Diploma in Gynaecology & Obsterics

  • Diploma in Anesthesia

  • Diploma in Paediatrics

  • Diploma in Venerology & Dermatitis

  • Diploma in Clinical Pathology

  • Diploma in Medical Radiology & Electro Therapeutics

  • Diploma in Laryngology & Otology

  • Diploma in Tuberuclosis & Chest Disease

  • Diploma in Physical Education

Certificate Courses

  • Certificate Course in English Improvement

  • Certificate Course in Stenography & Secretarial Practice

  • Certificate Course in Office Management

  • Certificate Course in Banking Management

  • Certificate Course in French

  • Certificate Course in German

  • Certificate Course in Data Entry

  • Certificate Course in Urdu

  • Certificate Course in Aphabhramsha

  • Post Graduate Certificate Course in Prakrita

  • Certificate Course in Taxation ( VAT, Income Tax, Service Tax )

Special Courses for NRIs

  • Studies in Gandhian Philosophy

  • Artistic / Cultural Identities of India

  • Indian Philosophy: Back to Future

  • Indian Poetics

  • Studies in Tribal Culture of Gujarat

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Contexts of Indian Business Practices

  • Indian Rural Management Skills

  • Indian languages/ literature

  • Classical / folk dances and Festivals of India

  • Journalism and Public Relations

  • Indian Cuisine

  • Religions of India & Traditions

  • Indian Mythology

  • Ecology and Design

  • Tradition and Design Process in India

  • Environmental challenges

  • Indian Films

  • Indian Film Music

  • Art of Rangoli

  • Menhdi

  • Indian Literature

  • Home Stay in Indian Background

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{tab=Contact Details}

Gujarat University,
Ahmedabad – 380 009.
Gujarat, India.
Ph : +91-079-26301341, 26300342/43
Fax : +91-079-26302654
Website : www.gujaratuniversity.org.in

Mailing address
Office of the Gujarat University,
Post Box No. 4010,
Ahmedabad – 380 009. (India)

Working Hours
The working hours of the various offices of the University are from 10.30 a.m. to 6.10 p.m. The offices are closed for lunch during 2.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. All the administrative offices are closed Sunday, 2nd and 4th Saturday and other public holidays, but the timings for submitting application forms, payment of fees etc. and other such public interaction, depends on respective department.

{tab=Official Website}

{modal url=http://www.gujaratuniversity.org.in}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Gujarat University



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