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HARYANA Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology
Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar (State University)

{tab=About University}

Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology Official logo of Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology - Haryana
Established in Year: 1995

The Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar, was established on October 20, 1995 by an Act of the Legislature of the State of Haryana. It was formally inaugurated on November 1, 1995. It is named after Guru Jambheshwar Ji Maharaj, a saint environmentalist of 15th century. Keeping in view the nature of courses offered at the University and the mandate for which it had been established the name of the University has been changed as Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology. The University is situated at Hisar, a rapidly growing town situated at about 167 Km. from Delhi on Delhi-Rohtak- Hisar- Sirsa- Fazilka National Highway (NH-10) and at a distance of about 231 Km. from Chandigarh on NH-65. The University is situated over a sprawling area of about 372 acres. The campus is laid out with picturesque landscape, numerous buildings of various designs and wide road network. It presents a spectacle of harmony in architecture and natural beauty. Approximately 225 acres of land have been developed providing with all modern facilities such as road networks, water supply, street lighting, electricity supply and parks/ lawns. The university has a cafeteria with the facility of a big dinning hall, kitchen, store and office on the ground floor. One big hall is also on the first floor. The cafeteria provides refreshment breakfast and lunch facilities. Facilities for special program like tea party etc. are also available here. Besides, there is a Shopping Centre which offers several facilities to the residents, such as saloon, laundry, post office, bookshop, bank with ATM facility, grocery shop, sweets shop, computer and photocopying facilities, etc.

The University is recognized by the University Grants Commission under Section 2(f) for recognition of degrees on 11.1.1996 and under section 12(B) of the UGC Act to be eligible for central assistance on 7.2.1997. The University has been accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), in 2002 as grade 'A' and has been re-accredited as grade 'A' with (CGPA 3.26), in 2009.

The jurisdiction of the University extends to the courses being run in the areas of science, technology, engineering, pharmacy, physiotherapy and management on the University Campus and all Technical Institutions (except B.Pharmacy institutions) in the districts Fatehabad, Hisar and Sirsa with effect from the academic session 2011-12.

There are Seven Hostels (three for boys, three for Girls and one for working women) which can accommodate about 1600 students. All the hostels have been fully equipped with modern amenities like as electric geysers, music systems, telephone facilities, desert-coolers, water coolers fitted with Water Purifier, insect killers and adequate playgrounds and other recreational facilities like colour television, chessboards, carom boards, Each hostel has a common room where newspapers and latest magazines are available to the students. Further, all hostels have internet and Wi-Fi facilities. The lawns around the hostels are developed aesthetically to provide refreshing view while entering or leaving hostel. Each hostel have been provided lawn benches. Hostel accommodation is provided strictly on merit. The hostel residents will be governed by the terms and conditions as contained in the University Hostel Regulations.

Credit Based System of Examinations
For the purpose of evaluation of students performance in the examinations, the University has switched over to credit based system of examinations for all courses w.e.f. 2006-07. The prominent features of the credit based system are the process of continuous evaluation of a student's performance and flexibility to allow the students to progress at an optimum pace suited to individuals ability and convenience, subject to fulfilling minimum requirements for continuation.

University Computer & Informatics Centre
The University has a Computer & Informatics Centre (UCIC) which is a central facility to meet the computing requirements of all the students, research scholars, staff and faculty of the University. It has more than 140 computers including latest configuration servers & other peripherals. It caters to the needs of students, research scholars and faculty in the field of related to research, networking and software development. All the computers are connected with internet facility. From its very inception, the UCIC has effectively performed the pioneering task of building up data processing capabilities of many branches of the university and played a vital role in imparting intensive training to the staff of the university. In addition there is also a full fledged language lab. The lab has a Clarity Infinity Software, which offers a variety of functions such as Recording, High Speed Copying, Test Preparation, Student Monitoring, Teacher/Student Call, Group Conferencing, etc.

The timing of the UCIC will be 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. for teaching session and 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. for rest of the period like Autumn Break, Summer Vacations and Winter Vacations.

Training & Placement
The Training & Placement Cell takes care of training and campus placements for the students. The Cell is equipped with appropriate infrastructure to execute the placement process. Arrangements for Pre-Placement talks, written tests, group discussions, interviews etc. are handled by the staff at the office in coordination with the respective departments. The Placement activities are handled by the Placement Cell, which includes final year students from different departments under the guidance of Head, Training and placement. Training and Placement Cell keeps liaison with the potential industries and provides necessary guidance to the students. The Cell facilitates arranging on-campus placements of students in various industries, makes arrangements for students to participate in off-campus drives organized at various institutions/ industries. The University has recently established a placement office at Gurgaon also for coordinating placement activities and mobilizing the companies from NCR etc.

University Library
The University Library is centrally located in a circular designed three storied building. The Library has two Reading Halls with a total capacity of 250 seats. The Library functions in two shifts from 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and remains open on Saturdays and Sundays. During examination days, Night Reading Hall remains open round the clock.The University Library has added 6743 books to its existing collection of 73732 books during the financial year 2010-2011 and now the library has a collection of 80475 and 4175 bound volumes of journals. The Library has processed the subscription of 180 Indian Journals, 64 Magazines and 20 Newspapers.

The Library has the access to more than 6000 e-journals of 17 publishers through INFONET & INDEST Consortium. The University Library subscribed Emerald Management Xtra-175, an online database of 175 electronic journals for the period January to December 2010. Using the Integrated Software Libsys: the complete database of Library, holdings of books and Library membership has been created. By using LS Digital Software-an add on software to LibSys, the Library has created its institutional repository. The Library is member of the American Library, New Delhi. An Internet Lab of 22 Laptops has been established for SC/ST Students.The University Library enrolled 4913 members during the current year and recorded 28068 visitors during the period. During the period of January to December, 2010, total issues for home lending were 85811 books (Average issues 300 books per day) and total 135632 books were consulted (average 407 books per day) by the members of the Library.

Sports Facilities
The Sports Complex has one Multipurpose Hall for Indoor games i.e. Badminton, Table-Tennis, Carom board, Chess, 16 station Multi-Gym, Yoga and Weight lifting, one half cemented Cricket pitch, one ground each for Football, Hand ball, Cricket and Athletic Track of 400 meter and three Volley grounds. In addition, two cemented Basket ball courts, two Volleyball courts, two synthetic Lawn Tennis courts. One cemented Lawn tennis court with practice wall and one Synthetic Badminton Rex court have recently been constructed. Timings for Sports activities are Morning 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. and Evening 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. for University students and Staff Members. The Sports Equipments/ kits are issued to the students as well as to the University Employees during tournaments.

University Health Centre
The University Health Centre caters to the medical needs of University Staff and students. It is spacious enough to accommodate 2 doctors' cabins, a dispensing room, a laboratory, a medicine store, a minor O.T. and an observation room with 3 beds facility. The University Health Centre has the facility like:-

- Medical Aid to all common ailments with routine blood tests like hemogram, blood sugar, S. Cholesterol, S. bilirubin, Urine Test, Stool Test etc.
- First Aid to all the accident cases.
- Preliminary care to all major diseases.
- 24 hours Ambulance Service for transporting the referred patients.
- Free Medicines to all the employees and their wards and students.

For referral two multi-specialty hospitals are on University panel i.e. N.C. Jindal Institute of Medical Care & Research, Hisar and Civil Hospital, Hisar and nine empanelment of the doctors at Hisar like Orthopaedician, Physicians, Surgeon, Pediatrician, Ophthalmologist, Gynecologist, Urologist, Burn/ Plastic Surgeon and ENT to provide referral medical facility, in their respective field/ specialization, to the University employees and their dependents for treatment as Indoor patients in their hospitals. The medical reimbursement for indoor treatment from the above doctors will be admissible in accordance with the rates equal to PGIMER, Chandigarh.

Research Programmes
Research scholarship and creative work differentiate universities from all other educational institutions. The ideas, discoveries and innovations emanating from universities profoundly affect the social, cultural and economic well-being of our society. The University offers intensified research programmes leading to award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in all Departments offering post-graduate courses. The details are available in Information Brochure which can be had from Deputy Registrar (Registration) or {modal url=http://www.gjust.ac.in/}university website{/modal}.

Facilities for SC/ST & BC Students
A SC/ST Cell has been set up in the University to ensure proper implementation of various schemes of the UGC, the Government of India and the State Govt. concerning scholarships, stipends etc. for welfare of reserved categories. The guidelines, for various types of scholarship/ stipends as revised from time to time by the Central and State Govts., are notified to all departments which are got displayed on the Notice Boards of the concerned departments. This Cell ensures that these guidelines are strictly adhered to. The reservation to SC, BC and other categories will be admissible as per reservation policy of the State Govt. The following type of scholarships are granted to the SC and BC candidates under the Schemes of Govt. of India/ State Govt.
(i) Post Matric Scholarship to SC/ST students, Govt. of India Scheme.
(ii) Stipend to B.C. students under State Harijan Welfare Scheme.
(iii) Financial help to purchase books etc. from District Welfare Office.

Central Instrumentation Laboratory
The Central Instrumentation Laboratory (CIL) is established for the students, research scholars and teachers of the university who are actively engaged in R&D activities in the emerging areas of Science, Technology & Engineering. The CIL is presently having sophisticated instruments like High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC), Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), UV-VIS-NIR-Spectrophotometer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Lyophilizer and FT-IR Spectrometer. The process for procurement of NMR machine and other Sophisticated instruments are in progress. These instruments are of multidisciplinary utility. These instruments are generally used to pursue R&D activities by the students of Department of Bio & Nano Technology, Food Technology, Pharmaceutical Science, Applied Physics, Environmental Science & Engineering and Chemistry.

Business Development Group
The University has constituted the Business Development Group (BDG). The BDG has been mandated to foster closer ties with the Corporate World, Industry Association, Government agencies, Multi-lateral bodies and others for the purpose of soliciting consultancy assignments, collaborative research projects, establishment of study chair in the University and placement activities of the students.

Intellectual Property Rights & Technology Commercialization Cell (IPR & TCC)
The IPRs are a bundle of exclusive rights over creations of the mind both artistic and commercial. The former is covered by copyright laws, which protect creative works, such as books, movies, music, paintings, photographs, and software, and gives the copyright holder exclusive right to control reproduction or adaptation of such works for a certain period of time. The second category is collectively known as "industrial properties", as they are typically created and used for industrial or commercial purposes. A patent may be granted for a new, useful, and non-obvious invention and gives the patent holder a right to prevent others from practicing the invention without a license from the inventor for a certain period of time. A trademark is a distinctive sign which is used to prevent confusion among products in the marketplace. An industrial design right protects the form of appearance, style or design of an industrial object from infringement. A trade secret is an item of non-public information concerning the commercial practices or proprietary knowledge of a business. All this calls for comprehensive understanding and detailed deliberations on various issues and intricacies involved and hence a separate cell was required to address the underlying objectives. Therefore the University has established a separate Cell for the purpose of Documentation and Commercialization of Research. The Cell is named as "Intellectual Property Rights & Technology Commercialization Cell". The very purpose of creating this Cell is to ensure the `Commercial Use' of University's In-house Research and Technology-Outcomes to outside world. The Cell is expected to transfer University's intellectual property rights to needy organizations to promote active commercialization of University's inventions through a well-designed policy of the University in this connection.

Campus Networking
In order to cater all such needs of Information & Communication Technologies for students, staff and faculty of university, Networking Cell has been set up in the university. At present all the teaching departments, hostels (common room), administrative blocks and other offices have been connected with a combination of wired and wireless network. The internet connectivity has been provided through 10 Mbps leased line free of cost to faculty, staff and students of university for 24 hours. Each faculty, staff and students of University is provided E-mail address on internal mail server of University. The network has been empowered through high capacity and secured active and passive components.

Academic Staff College
The UGC- Academic Staff College has been established during the 11th Plan in this University in accordance with the National policy of Education (NPE-1986). The objectives of ASC are to enhance the faculty motivation skills and knowledge through systematic orientation in specific subjects, techniques and methodologies, and thereby inculcate the right kind of values that would in turn encourage them to take initiatives for innovative and creative work and also to arrange programmes for heads of departments, principals, deans, officers, etc. must be organized with a view to acquainting the top-level administrators with what teachers are learning in the orientation programmes, which is helpful for effective decision making by the top level administrative and its implementation to achieve the excellence in the connected fields. The functions of ASC in the university are to plan, organise, implement, monitor and evaluate orientation courses for newly appointed college/university teachers. The ASC also organise refresher courses for serving teachers, and orientation programmes for senior administrators and heads of departments, principals, officers, etc. Programmes for students at Ph.D./post-doctoral levels from CSA/DSA/SAP departments are also organized by the ASC. The ASC also conduct short term courses of about one week duration in various fields for the professional development of senior faculty, and also the capability enhancement programmes for non academic staff so as to strengthen the teaching-learning environment. As a whole, the ASC of the university will endeavors to cater to the needs of teachers and academic administrators.

Centre for Behavioral Research & Intervention
The Basic aim of the centre is to take care of psychological well being of students and to develop the positive attitude among youth particularly the students. The Centre (CBRI) has been involved in providing psychological counseling to students, patients. Career counseling, personality development, awareness programme, community intervention programme, conducting workshops and seminars on psycho-social problems are some of the major objectives of the centre. The centre is also working on sponsored research projects in the field of behaviour modification, HIV /AIDS, Violence etc.

Students Welfare
The office of the Dean Students' Welfare provides following facilities and opportunities to the students:-
" Concessional Railway Pass facility.
" Organization of Educational and Industrial Tours to different places.
" `Earn While You Learn' Scheme.
" Organization of Cultural Activities
" Financial Aid to the needy students.
" Group Insurance Scheme.

Students Discipline
For dealing with day-to-day disciplinary matters concerning students a Committee on Students Discipline & Welfare (Proctorial Committee) has been constituted to monitor the disciplinary climate prevailing in the student community and to maintain the Law and Order situation on the University Campus. The Proctor is responsible for the enforcement of the condition relating to Residence, Health and Discipline as laid down in the concerned ordinance.

{tab=Courses Offered}

  • M. Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

  • M. Tech. (Environmental Science. & Engineering)

  • M. Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

  • M. Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

  • M. Tech (Printing Technology)

  • M. Tech (Nano Science & Technology)

  • M. Tech (Optical Engineering)

  • M. Tech (Food Engineering)

  • M. Tech (Geo-informatics)

  • Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology,Pharmacognosy)

  • M. Sc. (Applied Psychology)

  • M. Sc. (Bio-Technology)

  • under DBT sponsored (20+4) 20 seats to be filled through DBT combined entrance test.

  • M. Sc. (Bio-Technology)

  • under Self Finance Scheme

  • M. Sc. (Industrial Microbiology)

  • M. Sc. (Chemistry)

  • M. Sc. (Environmental Sciences)

  • M. Sc. (Food Technology)

  • M. Sc. (Mass Communications)

  • M. Sc. (Development Communication)

  • M. Sc. (Mathematics)

  • M. Sc. (Physics)

  • M. Sc. (Advertising Management & Public Relations)

  • Master of Physiotherapy (Muscloskeletal Disorders, Sports Physiotherapy, Neurological Disorders, Pediatric Physiotherapy)

  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Web Advertising & Animation

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism PR

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Defence Journalism PGDDJ

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Pigment and Paint Technology (PGDPPT)

  • Haryana School of Business - Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • M.B.A. Part Time (Evening)

  • M.Com.

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. PHARMACY)

  • B. Tech. (Bio-Medical Engineering)

  • B. Tech. (Computer Sc. & Engineering)

  • B. Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

  • B. Tech. (Information Technology)

  • B. Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)

  • B. Tech. (Printing Technology)

  • B. Tech. (Food Engineering)

  • B. Tech. (Packaging Technology)

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Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology,
Hisar - 125 001
Haryana (India)

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