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KARNATAKA Alliance University
Alliance University, Bangalore (Private University)

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Alliance University Official logo of Alliance University - Karnataka
Established in Year: 2010

Alliance University is a private university established in Karnataka State by Act No. 34 of year 2010. The University is notified under private universities list maintained by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.

Alliance University is located on an extensive state-of-the-art campus on the Chandapura - Anekal main road, Bangalore. Campus design and construction on an additional 105-acre land in Bangalore is underway. The city campus of the University is located in BTM Layout, Bangalore.

Alliance University aspires to be among the best universities in the world by the year 2025 through a series of strategically crafted moves, precisely calibrated action plans and an unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

The founders of Alliance University, with a missionary zeal and a visionary outlook, have demonstrated that anything worthwhile can be achieved through sincerity of purpose and thoughtfulness in execution. Within a relatively short span of time, School of Business is today counted among the best in the country. One has only to see the world-class infrastructure to appreciate the passion that has created an architectural marvel. The same passion is sought to be scaled up to develop a University that would be able to hold its own among the great universities of the world.

India has a rich tradition having been home to some of the earliest universities as we know them today. These universities were able to attract scholars from across the world with the single-minded goal of exchanging lofty ideals and eternal wisdom. Thousands of years before the term “globalization” became popular, our country gave to the world the clarion call – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – the world is but one family. Alliance University aims to bring back those glorious days through an unmatched diversity that has but one purpose – the creation, assimilation and dissemination of knowledge that would foster peace and prosperity on this planet.

Alliance University offers programs that it is already known for – the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business administration, programs for working professionals, and customized programs for the armed forces. India, like many other countries, faces a shortage of talented and academically qualified faculty. Alliance University would bridge this gap by nurturing scholars who can be the pillars on which the next generation would be trained.

Apart from imparting world-class education in its chosen areas, Alliance University would engage actively in research – discipline based, practice oriented and pedagogical. This body of knowledge would be made available to scholars and practitioners everywhere – after all, information is transformed into knowledge only when it is shared.

Alliance University is deeply conscious of its societal obligations. At one level, this would translate into activities that would transform the lives of people in the communities in which the University chooses to operate. At another level, this would mean inclusive development – Alliance University is committed to ensuring that the benefits of higher education is available to all irrespective of their social, economic, ethnic or other background. Alliance University will consciously strive to ensure that no deserving student is turned away due to economic reasons. A series of endowments would be created to provide scholarships, fee waivers and subsidized education on a need-based criterion.

Already having the benefit of collaborative arrangements with leading institutions and universities, Alliance would leverage on its University status to partner with established entities and co-create value to its stakeholders.

Alliance University would constantly strive to enter areas and domains that have the potential to improve the quality of life for large sections of the population. These would include among others:

  • Sustainable Development

  • Green Energy

  • Holistic Medicine

  • Vocational Training and

  • Traditional Arts and Crafts

In all these endeavors, Alliance University would relentlessly work towards equity, social justice and fairness. Alliance University commits itself to providing a rare ambience for all of its stakeholders. Alliance University reaffirms to be the torchbearer for ethical and moral values. Alliance University will at all times subscribe to the doctrine of humanism, be a responsible and responsive institutional citizen, and uphold the highest values in its activities and programs. Above all, Alliance University pledges itself to be an extraordinary constituent that society and the country would truly be proud of.


Alliance University’s vision is to be a world-class University that nurtures talent and catalytically transforms the lives of millions through excellence in teaching, research, service and community development. To uphold a commitment to shaping lives through scholarly teaching and learning, and that which contributes to an equitable and holistic transformation of society at large.


The mission of the University is to create and sustain a community of lifelong learners in an environment that emphasizes literacy, critical thinking, and humanistic and scientific inquiry.
The University shall provide a dynamic, challenging and ethical environment for pursuing high quality teaching, research, learning and service across all areas of University, where students, faculty and other key constituents can interact, collaborate and partner with the global community for creation and dissemination of knowledge and transform lives of people through innovation and excellence in higher education.

The University shall:

  • Pursue excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship.

  • Prepare students for leadership through enlightened learning partnerships with faculty mentors and the community.

  • Support faculty and other scholars in pursuing world-class research: clinical, theoretical, empirical, experiential and foster creative endeavour.

  • Develop mastery of disciplines and professions and instil confidence among its key constituents in their application for a future of meaningful pursuits and productive work in the service of humanity.

  • Channelize faculty and student talent for professionally-related service to the university, the community and society at large.

  • Promote and preserve academic freedom, diversity, equality, harmony and justice.

{tab=Courses Offered}

School of Business

  • BBM

  • MBA

  • Executive MBA

  • Ph. D.

  • Executive PGDM

College of Arts and the Humanities

  • The degree programs proposed by the College of Arts and the Humanities aim at providing graduates with a strong intellectual foundation in a liberal arts education that not only ignites their passion for greater learning in the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences but also prepares them for satisfying careers at various levels in government, private sector, and non-profit organizations. The College plans to introduce programs both at the undergraduate-and-postgraduate levels, which would include, but are not restricted to the following disciples under arts, humanities, and social sciences: economics, political science, history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, public policy and administration, gender studies, and philosophy.

College of Commerce

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Master of Financial Management

  • Master of Commerce

College of Engineering and Design

  • B.Tech (CSE)

  • B.Tech (ECE)

  • B.Tech (IT)

  • M.Tech (EEM)

  • MS (CSE) by Research

  • MS (ECE) by Research


College of Science

  • The degree programs proposed by the College of Science seek to build in its graduates subject-matter experts who are skilled and adept in the understanding and application of scientific theory to advances in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biological sciences, chemistry, mathematical sciences, earth sciences, and the physical sciences. The College strives to instill in its graduates a keen sense of scientific enquiry and its programs strive to create and sustain a passion for research in them: both empirical and theoretical of scientific phenomena, even while preparing them as scientists and researchers to pursue rewarding careers in the sciences, applied research, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and academia.

College of Law and International Affairs

  • The College of Law and International Affairs proposes offerings that impart to its graduates the expertise, skills, and knowledge necessary to engage in a deep analysis of global affairs though a multi-disciplinary approach, while simultaneously preparing them for international careers that require a keen awareness of the relationship between local and regional developments, and the needs of global governance. The College plans to offer degree programs of study in the following areas of international affairs: international relations, international legal studies, environmental law, diplomacy, security and strategy, development studies, and international trade and development.

College of Medicine and Dentistry

  • The degree programs proposed by the College of Medicine and Dentistry aim at building world-class graduates who are outstanding medical and dental professionals with clinical skills of the highest order and demonstrate an unwavering commitment for patient care in the fields of anesthesiology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, cardiology, endocrinology, metabolism & diabetes, gastroenterology and human nutrition, orthopedics, pediatrics, pathology, physiology, surgical disciplines, orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics, prosthodontics, and oral & maxillofacial surgery. The College endeavours to provide excellence in medical education and thereby prepares its graduate-doctors for fulfilling careers in clinical practice, medical research, and healthcare delivery.

College of Education and Human Services

  • The College of Education and Human Services has a vision to become a center of excellence in educational training, teaching, research, and capacity building at the national-and-international level, and to prepare its graduates for professional career opportunities as effective teachers, leaders, world-class educators, and education administrators. The vision of the School would be realized through its differentiated and specialized program offerings in teacher education, higher-and-professional education, and educational research designed to reach out to wide cross-section of society. The School would proactively also undertake the design of innovative and multi-channeled distance learning systems involving interactivity in learning. The Schools plans to offer degree programs of study in the following areas of education, training, and human-service administration: education policy, administration and management, social engineering, social justice and empowerment, career education and life-skill development, social work, mental health and human development, cognitive and neurosciences, guidance counseling, technology, and education and human-services administration.

School of Health Professions and Studies

  • The School of Health Professions and Studies would offer degree programs in the critical support areas of medicine, healthcare, and clinical research. The School plans to offer programs of study in the following health professions: hospital administration, healthcare management, medical process outsourcing, nursing, physical therapy, anesthesia, health sciences, public health administration, optometry, podiatry, clinical psychology, psychiatry, and other related disciplines. The School also plans to establish state-of-the-art centers for research, clinical support, and other services. The School is committed to delivering excellence in teaching and research, and its offerings aim to prepare its future graduates for rewarding careers at various levels across healthcare professions.

College of Media and Communications

  • The academic programs offered by the College of Media & Communications aim at equipping graduates with the knowledge and skills to excel as outstanding communicators in the fields of mass media such as print journalism, radio and television journalism, photo journalism, communication research, and advertising and public relations. The programs at the College aim at building articulate, passionate, and media-literate graduates who are acknowledged for their scholarship, professional expertise, and a deep commitment to social responsibility, even as they seek to advance creative endeavor and public engagement in a rapidly evolving media environment. The uniquely-crafted programs at the College prepare graduates for exciting and fulfilling careers in the press, advertising, entertainment, and academia as journalists, editors, advertising professionals, producers, and media faculty teaching in quality colleges and universities worldwide.

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{tab=Contact Details}

Alliance University

Central Campus
Chikkahagade Cross
Chandapura - Anekal Main Road, Anekal
Bangalore – 562106
Tel.: +91 80 30938000/1/2/3/4/5
Fax: +91 80 27841600
Email: enquiry (a) alliance.edu.in

City Campus
2nd Cross, 36th Main
Dollars Scheme, BTM 1st Stage
Bangalore - 560068

Tel.: +91 80 26681444 / 4372
Fax: +91 80 26782048
Email: enquiry (a) alliance.edu.in

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