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KARNATAKA Tumkur University
Tumkur University, Tumkur (State University)

{tab=About University}

Tumkur University Official logo of Tumkur University - Karnataka
Established in Year: 2004

The newly established Tumkur University is marching towards the spread of higher education, with its vision "Knowledge is Eternal". The University blossomed in the era of globalization in which the economies of the world are being transformed from their original closed self sustaining structure to the globalized context, where they can expose themselves to the competitive world. This transition forced the arena of knowledge emphasizing itself to more of its application than of accumulation of facts.Tumkur University in order to cope with the present global environment, is attempting to the integrated and interdisciplinary approaches in the dissemination of knowledge with the aim of achieving overall human personality development.

Tumkur is a historical centre possessing the rich cultural heritage which had valiant historical events of different kingdoms and humane social setup of incomparable stature with many reigns and regions. In globalized environment the newly established Tumkur University has paved the way for realizing the vision at the international arena to the human welfare. read more...

It was started during the year 2004 as a separate entity to cater the needs of thousands of young aspirants of higher education in the area. The University is having its administrative head quarters at Vishwavidyanilaya Karyalaya, University Science College Campus, BH Road, Tumkur 572103. At present the offices of the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar, the Registrar (Evaluation), the Finance Officer and other staff housed in it.




  • To transform guiding vision into action plan through a band of community of teachers who are professionally competent and conscientiously upright.

  • To promote high quality of research for sustainable development of a society.

  • To bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional skill.

  • To create adequate academic and physical infrastructure for high level performance.

  • To promote and develop outreach and extension activities for disadvantaged groups of society.

  • To introduce reformatory and innovative measures for balanced development.

  • To build institutional networking for knowledge sharing.

  • To initiate action to utilize the information and communication technology system.

  • To institutionalize good governance with proper accountability, transparency and collective participation.

  • To create adequate students support services for effective prosecution of their studies.

  • To promote and develop vocational education, career and life skill development.

  • To initiate and implement such other measures as are necessary for effective functioning of a university.


A well defined strategy is a primary requirement to achieve the desired objective. The time has now come to realize that the image of a university as a temple of ivory tower of closed academic learning for limited number of students has become the part of history. No university can isolate itself from the changes that are taking place elsewhere. Keeping all these factors in the mind the university in its wisdom has adopted the following strategy to achieve its Vision and Mission statement.

{tab=Courses Offered}

Faculty of Arts


  • The Department of Economics was established in the year 2005. The Department offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses in Economics. It provides quality human resource in Economics.


  • The Department of English was started in the year 2005. Apart from imparting knowledge in English Literature at the Postgraduate level, it also serves as a research and pedagogic platform for critical and emergent areas of study in humanities like Cultural Studies and Indian Writing in English

History and Archaeology

  • The Department of History & Archaeology was established as a part of the Post Graduate Teaching Centre of Bangalore University at Tumkur in 1995. The centre got its independent status in 2004 as a part of the newly established Tumkur University and added a new dimension to its activities by including Archaeology to its curriculum. The Department has a significant contribution in producing several well-informed citizens of the country and aspiring young researchers in this field.


  • The Department of Journalism is functioning from the University College of Arts, a constituent college of Tumkur University. Journalism is one of the Under Graduate optional subjects offered by the University. Presently, Journalism is available with two other optional subjects, i.e., Kannada and Political Science, and over 100 students have chosen this combination. Media, both print and electronic, being one of the most sought for career sectors in the contemporary scenario, the demand for this challenging subject is increasing year after year.


Physical Education

  • The Department of Physical Education started to function from the year 2004-2005 and has provided a platform and excellent training to the graduating students to develop their Sports (Man ship) skills with an ardent faith in the adage of our University knowledge is Eternal the Department has made attempt to recognize the talents and encourage them to develop their skills in the chosen fields. Since 2004 the Department has initiated many tournaments and offered a platform for the sportsmen to exhibit their talents. The Department has prompted the college students and specially the rural talented Sportsmen to participate in many Inter-college and University tournaments.

Political Science

  • The Department of Political Science was started in the academic year 2005. The Department apart from imparting subject has conducted several seminars, workshops and conferences.

Social Work

  • Department of Social Work started in the year 2005 with highly qualified and experienced faculty and extremely motivated students has been engaging in various out-reach projects and action research with its prime focus on rural and community development. The department is highly involved in the projects and programmes of innovation and entrepreneur development centre which aims to hone the talents and latent abilities of the youth and the rural masses towards making them self-reliant by developing entrepreneurial skills and enterprises. In this regard, special emphasis has been laid on training the talented dalit and rural youth to make them competitive enough to face the challenges of the global market. The department is actively involved in projects such as skill development programmes, leadership training camps, trade development, innovation, research and job-oriented training programmes, and Entrepreneurship Promotion Cells.


  • The Department of Sociology functions from the University College of Arts, Tumkur University. The Department offers both Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses in Sociology. In the UG level, sociology is available with combinations of EngSP (English, Sociology, Political Science), HES(History, Economics, Sociology) and HSP(History, Sociology, Political Science). As many as 500 students are pursuing Sociology at the UG level and about 68 students are pursuing the subject at the PG level. The department has a total of 4 faculties, one member on deputation, three members as Assistant Professors. The department was established in 1964 and the PG course was introduced in the year 2007-08.

Faculty of Commerce and Management


  • Department of commerce was established in 1995. The department offers M.Com and Ph.D programme. It has produced good number of students who have occupied better positions both in teaching and administration. The department attracts large number of students and they are equipped with necessary skills to meet global challenges of corporate world and the society. Commerce department guarantees to maintain excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to the community. Dept. is well equipped for teaching and research in the field of commerce and management.Dr. K Eresi, Dr. B.C Sanjeevaiah, Dr. K Aswathappa were prominent professors who contributed for the development of the department.MBA department was established in the year 2005 and produced around 300 dynamic managers. The dept. has been imparting quality education and thus facilitating them to acquire the required skills and competencies to achieve the best in the field.

Business Administration

  • The Department of Business Administration was established in the year 2005 and produced around 300 dynamic managers. The department has been imparting quality education and thus facilitating them to acquire the required skills and competencies to achieve the best in the field.

Faculty of Science and Technology


  • The Department of P.G Studies and Research in Biochemistry at Tumkur University was established in 2005. The M.Sc., Biochemistry curriculum is on par with that of other Universities in India and abroad and it is being regularly updated incorporating the latest topics in the various areas of biochemistry and other related subjects. The Department is well equipped with base infrastructure to conduct Post Graduate programmes in Biochemistry. The faculties of the Department are highly qualified and have good experience in teaching as well as research in various fields of Biochemistry. The Department has submitted several research proposals to various funding agencies in order to develop state-of-the art research in various fields of Biochemistry. It has well equipped and sophisticated laboratory. Department has highly qualified and dedicated faculty members. Department is conducting various activities like seminars, workshops, National and International conferences.


  • Department of Biotechnology was established in 2006. The main goal of the Department is to initiate a state of art, multidisciplinary, scientific curriculum which will provide impetus to generate skilled Graduates and Post-Graduates, and also to elicit innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to meet the ever increasing demand of Life Science Professionals in India. The Faculty of the Department has obtained PhD and Postdoctoral training under eminent scientist at well reputed scientific institutes. The Faculty members are currently involved in grant writing to obtain extramural funds from different National and International funding agencies


  • The Department of Botany established in 1942, is one of the leading Department of India in the field of teaching and research in plant science. It has many areas of interest, in a wide range of topics, whether it be an graduate degree, or multiple research opportunities. Bangalore University and Tumkur University long record of academic excellence, and we uphold this reputation with confidence.

    Department has carried out some part of his research and being updated with respect to the advancement in the field of Botany. Moreover, to develop communication skills, seminars are being conducted, students are regularly exposed to the laboratory of nature. Under the summer training program the students are deputed to the reputed national research institutes for hands on training in the emerging fields of Botany. Main goal of the Department is to initiate a state of art, multidisciplinary, scientific curriculum which will provide impetus to generate skilled Graduates and Post Graduates to meet the ever increasing demand of life science professionals in India.The faculty of Department has obtained Ph.D and Postdoctoral training under eminent scientist at well reputed Scientific Institute like Indian Institute of Science. The faculty members are currently involved in grant writing to obtain extra mural funds from different National and International funding agencies.


  • The Department of Chemistry was established in 1940 with B.Sc at undergraduate level. It is one of the Departments known for its Excellency in teaching and research contributions in the field of Chemical sciences at National and International levels. Many alumni have occupied prestigious positions and achieved national and international recognition. Some of whom include eminent scientists and scholars. The primary role of department is to train UG & PG students and provide basic research platform in the key areas of Chemical Sciences. This function is achieved through theory, practical and need driven research and outreach programmes.

    We train our students to be independent and make them acquire basic and advanced knowledge in the subject. Regular internal tests, Seminars, Group discussions, Counseling have been conducted for the benefit of the students which enables them to pursue higher studies and compete at all higher levels. The PG programme in Chemistry started in the year 2007-2008. The PG students are actively involved in their course work and also in attaining research skills under the guidance of highly meritorious faculty members of the department. Students are actively engaged in class seminars and projects work. PG student project scheme will enable M.Sc students to get exposure to the latest development in the thrust research areas of chemical sciences.

    The Department has 16 well qualified faculty members out of which 11 have doctoral degrees and remaining 5 are pursuing Ph.D. In addition to the student’s projects, most of the faculty members have been actively engaged in research and development in the advanced areas of Chemistry.

    The Department has 6 state of the art laboratories, class rooms and well furnished seminar hall. The laboratories are well equipped with instruments required for UG & PG studies. The Department has acquired excellent funding to meet its chemical and consumable demand.

Computer Science

  • Welcome to the Department of Computer Science in University College of Science at Tumkur University, Tumkur. The Department of Computer Science (DCS) was established in 2000. The Department of Computer Science has many areas of interest, in a wide range of topics, whether it be an graduate degree, or multiple research opportunities.Tumkur University long record of academic excellence, and we uphold this reputation with confidence. The Department offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Currently, we have approximately 380 undergraduate students working towards their degrees. Our Department has more than 8 faculty members.


  • The Department of Electronics was established in the year 2000 with undergraduate programme to realize the growing needs of trained manpower in the field of electronics. The students are exposed to diverse field of electronics, including communication, VLSI and embedded design. The syllabus has been prepared in consultation with experts from industry and reputed institutions. The dedicated staff is actively involved in teaching and research, and also various activities of the University. The hardworking, devoted teaching and supported staff inspire the students to perform well in academics and other activities. The Department has a well established laboratory to conduct experiments in analog electronics, digital electronics, communication and microprocessors, etc.

Library and Information Science

  • The Department of Library and Information Science was established in 2005. It offers post-graduate course in Library and Information Science. Students get exposure to theoretical and practical aspects of scientific management of library and information centers with special emphasis on Information Communication Technology.


  • Mathematics department came into existence with all other departments in the year 1940 with a high view of training students with good skills in Mathematics. Existing Combinations of mathematics are PCM, PMCs and PME.


  • The Department of Microbiology was established in the year 2000 with an over-reaching goal of providing quality under-graduate training in Microbiology for the Tumkur region. The Department is well equipped to conduct Under-Graduate teaching programme. The faculty of the Department is well qualified and some of the faculty members have International research experience. The Department has submitted number of research proposals to extra-mural funding agencies to conduct state-of-the art research and development activities. The Department aims to conduct microbiology research that will have a significant impact on human and animal welfare through International networking and collaborations with Institutes and academics with reputation for high quality research.


  • The department of Physics was established in 1940 as an academic part of Government Science College, Tumkur, which is one of the oldest science colleges in Karnataka. The Govt. Science College was affiliated to Bangalore University up to 2009, and later it was taken over by Tumkur University, Tumkur.

    Tumkur University focuses on all round development of both faculty and student while exploring the latest developments in Science and Technology. Since its inception, the dept. of Physics has excelled in the teaching and research in basic as well as applied areas of Physics. Most of the faculty are also engaged in research activities in their chosen fields and periodically present/ publish their work in conferences/ journals. The dept. started offering M.Sc. in Physics from 2008.

    The department has several externally funded research projects. The DST nanomission, ISRO, NRB was granted more than Rs. 1.5 crores towards the purchase of XRD, SEM, TL Dosimeter. The major research activities of the Departments are Color Centers in alkali halides, Nanophosphros, Radiation Effects in Semi conductors, Swift heavy ion interaction with matter, thin films, luminescence studies of minerals, Theoritical Modelling, Liquid Crystals etc..The Department faculty collaborates with leading national research laboratories like IISc, ISRO, NAL, IUAC, IGCAR, IUC-DAEF etc, also, the department has collaborative programs with International Laboratories and Universities.


  • Zoology Department was established in 1969. It is one of the department know for its research contribution in the field of life / animal sciences at national and international level. Many an alumnus has occupied prestigious positions and achieved national and international recognition. some of whom include eminent scientists and awards. The primary role of department is to train graduate UG & PG courses and provide advice in the key area of Animal Sciences. This function is achieve through teaching theory and practical, need driven research and outreach programmes. The department produces a numerous graduate every year. In addition to that M.Phil and PH.D courses are produced in varying number. Zoology department guarantees to maintain excellence in teaching, learning research and service to the community. Department is well equipped for teaching and research in the field of Animal sciences.

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{tab=Contact Details}

Vishwavidyanilaya Karyalaya, University Constituent College Campus,
B.H Road, Tumkur 572103 (INDIA)

Phone: 0816-2254546, 0816-2255596
Fax: 0816-2270719

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{modal url=http://www.tumkuruniversity.in/}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Tumkur University



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