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MADHYA PRADESH Jiwaji University
Jiwaji University, Gwalior (State University)

{tab=About University}

Jiwaji University, Gwalior
Established in Year: 1964

Jiwaji University was established as a teaching and affiliating University on 23rd May 1964, under the provision of M. P. Government Ordinance no. 15 of 1963. Dr. Sarwapalli Radhakrishanan, the then President of India, laid the foundation stone of the University Campus on 11th December 1964.

Right from its inception, Jiwaji University started with a status of a residential and an affiliating University. The territorial jurisdiction of the affiliation extends to six districts of Gwalior and Chambal Division, viz., Gwalior, Morena, Bhind, Guna, Shivpuri and Datia. To begin with, the University had a total of 29 affiliated colleges. Those have steadily increased to more than 100 colleges. Till date of 26 Government and 7 non-Government colleges impart teaching up to postgraduate level. Some of the colleges have also developed into recognized research centers.

The university started post-graduate teaching and research from the session 1966-67 with the establishment of Schools of Studies in Botany and Zoology. The Schools of Studies in Physics, Chemistry and Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology were started from the session 1969-70. The School of Studies in Economics and Mathematics came into existence from the session 1978-79, which the School of Studies in Commerce started from the session 1980-81 and that of Biochemistry from the session 1986-87. The University also started MBA course under the School of studies in Commerce from the session 1987, during the VII plan period the School of Studies in Library and Information Science was established in 1986. Under the VIII plan development programme University has established School of Studies in Earth Science in 1991.

A post-graduate Diploma Course in tourism (PGDTM) was also started Presently the SOS in tourism is running Master in tourism administration programme . The University has also a center of foreign Language since 1986, which presently imparts diploma and certificate courses in English, French, German and Russian.

The Indira Gandhi Academy of Environment Education, on interdisciplinary programmes of environment and Eco planning was established in 1989.

A Center for M. Phil Studies in Sociology and Political Science was established in 1990.

The University science and Instrumentation Center (USIC) extends facilities for fabrication and maintenance of laboratory instruments of School of Studies and affiliated colleges. M.P. Council of Science & Technology, Bhopal has established a local cell (MPCOST) to coordinate and monitor various research projects and other scientific activities under the scheme.

The University central Library has a collection of over 1,40,000 books and about 8000 bound volumes of research journals. It also contains a section of unpublished theses. Presently more than 142 Indian and Foreign journals are being subscribed. The Library also contains Internet access, microfilm reader, 16-mm projector, and a number of films on various subjects. Beside Central library, each School of Studies has a library, well equipped with books and journals, useful for advanced study.

The physical education Department of the University takes care of the games and sports of the students. Dean, Students Welfare looks after the extra curricular activities of the University. This wing has developed advanced facilities for music, dance and drama and other performing arts with an auditorium well equipped for such events. The university has been hosting state and regional level Youth Festivals.

Dean of college development Council (DCDC) coordinates and monitors the academic activities of the affiliated college of the University. The Department of Adult and continuing Education of the University has established itself as leading centre in the region.

This is the first University in the state to implement the self supporting programmes. We started this activity as far back as 1987 by introducing the PG Diploma in Computer Applications. Subsequently, the university started job oriented courses in -

  • Computer science,

  • Chemicals, sales and marketing management,

  • Instrumentation and commercial methods of Industrial analysis,

  • Environmental Chemistry,

  • Microbiology,

  • Molecular Biology and Immunology,

  • Master in computer application,

  • Bachelor in Physical Education,

  • Master of Physical Education,

  • Refrigeration technology are being started very shortly, etc.

We have introduced several others including M.Sc. Neuroscience, M.Sc. Information Technology, BA in Jyotirvigyan, M.Sc. Food Technology, M.Sc. Molecular and Human Genetics, M.Sc. Medical Plants and Herbal Resource Management, M.Sc. Tech. (Industrial Maths with Computer Application), M.Sc Remote Sensing and GIS, M.Sc. Bio-Physics etc.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to educate students from all over India, including those from the local and rural areas, and from other countries, so they become enlightened individuals, improving the living standards of their families, industry and society. We will provide individual attention, world-class quality education and take care of character building.

{tab=Courses Offered}

Certificate Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
1. Certificate in Aerobics and Fitness (C.A.F.) 1
2. Certificate in English 2
3. Certificate in French 3
4. Certificate in Sanskrit 4
5. Certificate in Yoga 5
Diploma Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
1. Diploma in English 8
2. Diploma in French 9
3. Diploma in Human Rights 10
4. Diploma in Sanskrit 12
P.G. Diploma Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
1. P.G. Diploma in Marketing Management: Advertising and Sales Administration 14
2. P.G. Diploma in Museology 15
3. P.G. Diploma in Personnel Management 16
4. P.G. Diploma in Yoga Therapy 17
5. P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) 18
6. PG Diploma In Retail Management*** 108
7. PG Diploma in Financial Administration*** 109
8. P.G. Diploma in Forensic Science*** 110
Graduate Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
1. B.B.A. 19
2. B.C.A. 20
3. B.T.M. 21
4. B. Lib. I. Sc. 24
5. B.P. Ed. 25
6. B.A.LL.B (Five Years Integrated) 27
7. B.A. Jyotirvigyan 28
8. B.H.M & C.T.*** 111
Post-Graduate Law Course
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
1. LL.M. 29
Post-Graduate M.A Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
2. M.A. Ancient Indian History & Archaeology (AIHCA) 30
3. M.A. English 32
4. M.A. Extension Education and Social Work 33
5. M.A. French 34
6. M.A. Hindi 35
7. M.A. History 36
8. M.A. Sanskrit 38
9. M.A. Economics 39
10. M.A. Political Science 40
11. M.A. Public Adminstration 41
12. M.A. Jyotirvigyan 42
13. M.A. Education 43
Post-Graduate Management Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
14. M.B.A. e-Commerce 44
15. M.B.A. (Business Economics) 47
16. M.B.A. (Chemical Sales and Marketing Management) 48
17. M.B.A. (Financial Administration) 49
18. M.B.A. (Human Resource Development) 50
19. M.B.A. (Tourism Administration) 51
20. M.B.A. (Hospital Administration) 52
21. M.B.A. (Heritage Tourism Management) 53
Post-Graduate Commerce Course
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
22. M.Com. 54
Post-Graduate Library & Information Science Course
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
23. M. Lib. I. Sc. 55
Post-Graduate Physical Education Course
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
24. M. P. Ed. 56
Post-Graduate Science Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
25. M.Sc. Biochemistry 57
26. M.Sc. Biomedical Technology 58
27. M.Sc. Biotechnology 60
28. M.Sc. Botany 61
29. M.Sc. Medicinal Plant & Herbal Resource Management 62
30. M.Sc. Chemistry 63
31. M.Sc. Computer Science 64
32. M.Sc. Electronics 66
33. M.Sc. Environmental Science 67
34. M.Sc. Food Technology 68
35. M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry 69
36. M.Sc. Instrumentation & Commercial Methods of Industrial Analysis (MICA) 70
37. M.Sc. Mathematics 71
38. M.Sc. Microbiology 72
39. M.Sc. Neuroscience 73
40. M.Sc. Physics 74
41. M.Sc. Remote Sensing and GIS 75
42. M.Sc. Zoology 77
43. M.Sc. M.H.G.(Molecular Human Genetics) 78
44. M.Sc. Environmental Chemistry 82
45. M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry 83
46. M.Sc. Geology 112
Post-Graduate Journalism Course
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
47. Master of Journalism and Mass Communications (MJMC) 80
M. Phil. Courses
Level and Name of Courses Course Code
48. M. Phil. AIHCA 87
49. M. Phil. Botany 88
50. M. Phil. Chemistry 89
51. M. Phil. Commerce 90
52. M. Phil. Economics 91
53. M. Phil. English 92
54. M. Phil. Environmental Science 93
55. M. Phil. Hindi 94
56. M. Phil. History 95
57. M. Phil. Mathematics 96
58. M. Phil. Physical Education 97
59. M. Phil. Physics 98
60. M. Phil. Political Science 99
61. M. Phil. Public Administration 100
62. M. Phil. Sanskrit 101
63. M. Phil. Sociology 102
64. M. Phil. Zoology 103
65. M. Phil. Food Technology 104
66. M. Phil. Computer Sc. & Application 107

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{tab=Contact Details}

Jiwaji University
Gwalior (M.P.), India
Enquiry No.: +91 751 2442712
Fax No.: +91 751 2341768, Telegram: University

Name Designation Telephone (O) Telephone (R)
Prof. M. Kidwai Vice Chancellor 2442701, 2341348 2342086, 4066388
Prof. J. N. Gautam Rector 2442603  
Dr. Anand Mishra Registrar 2341896, 2341768, 2442801  
Prof. Rajiv Jain D.C.D.C. 2442828 2340216
Dr. D. S. Chandel D.S.W. 2442821, 2442820 2322872, 2442797
Shri P. K. Sharma Finance Controller 2442824 2442627
Dr. R. G. Garg Librarian 2442728 2342110
Dr. I.K. Mansoori Dy. Registrar, Conf./Exam 2442786, 2442787 2345786
Sh. Ajay Verma Dy. Registrar, Academic/ Development 2442610 2442609
Rajeev Mishra Asst. Registrar 2442717 2442700
Sunil Khare Asst. Registrar 2442721 2442758
Arun Chauhan Asst. Registrar 2442718  
  Confidential Section 2442643  
U. S. Salsekar Asst. Registrar, Secretary To V.C. 2442701  
Pradeep K. Sharma Statistical Officer 2442605 2442608
V.R. Gupta University Engineer 2442819, 2442807 2365145
Dr. F. Saifi Coordinator (N.S.S.) 2431432 2340482, 9826073174
Prof. R.J. Rao Coordinator, Career counselling 2442612 9826255137
Dr. Vikas Malhotra Health Centre 2442830 2231888, 9425109888
Sanjay Bartaria Nodal Officer IT 2442786  
H. K. Dwivedi Coordinator 2442786  
Proctorial Board
Prof. C.P. Shinde Proctor 2442762 2341988
Prof. Radha Tomar Joint Proctor 2442768 2345330
Dr. S. K. Singh Joint Proctor 2442600 2344600
Dr. K. S. Gurjar Joint Proctor 2442871 2346333
University Hostel Chief Wardens
Prof. A.P.S. Chouhan Chief Warden 2442836 2442222,2442844
Dr. Radha Tomar Mrignayni Girls Hostel 2442890 2345330
Prof. Renu Jain Tatyatope Girls Hostel 2442889 2341388
Dr. K. S. Thakur Aryabhatt Hostel 2442852 2344050
Dr. K. S. Gurjar Capt. Roop Singh Hostel 2442851 2346333
Cell for Sexual Harassment Against Women (Shaw-Cell)
Prof. Renu Jain I/c SHAW Cell 2442747 2341388
Prof. Rekha Bhadauria Member SHAW Cell 2310529 2344393
Dr. Nalini Shrivastava Member SHAW Cell 2442796 2330520
Prof. Sangeeta Shukla Member SHAW Cell 2442750 2429197
Dr. R. G. garg Member SHAW Cell 2442728 2342110
Tapan Trivedi, Advocate Member SHAW Cell 9425116202  
Manju Mishra, NGO Member SHAW Cell    

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{modal url=http://www.jiwaji.edu}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Jiwaji University, Gwalior



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