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MADHYA PRADESH Rajiv Gandhi Prodoyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
Rajiv Gandhi Prodoyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal (State University)

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Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal
Established in Year: 1998

Established in the year 1998, by Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Act 13, 1998. Over a sprawling Campus of about 247 acres, the Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya is marching towards development into a center of excellence in the arena of Technical Education, Research and Innovations. Under its umbrella there are 05 UTD's , 217 affiliated Engineering Colleges, 95 Pharmacy Colleges, 88 MCA Colleges and 04 Architecture Colleges imparting Graduate level instructions running around 17 under graduate level courses, 85 Polytechnic institutions offering diploma courses in emerging and conventional disciplines. Situated amidst an aesthetic and hilly surrounding, the University is now offering Ph Ds and 11 post.

Rajiv Gandhi Technical University is truly a picture of modernization. With an extensive presence on the internet, Rajiv Gandhi Technical University has courses which can suit anyone. Courses offered Rajiv Gandhi Technical University offers undergraduate and postgraduate full time and online courses.They specialize in fields like Management, Forensic Science, Fashion, Engineering, Space Sciences, Social Work, Nanotechnology, Communication and Pharmacy. Facilities The University has provided air-conditioned amphitheatre style classrooms. The Library of Rajiv Gandhi Technical University is equipped with books, periodicals, national and international journals, CD-ROMS, covering all aspects of academic studies and research material.

The main thrust of RGPV for next five year is on strategic interventions in four main areas i.e.

  • Enhance opportunities for postgraduate education and research in areas of high relevance to nations science and technology capabilities.
  • Promote use of IT in technical education through promotion of e-Learning and web enabled teaching processes.
  • Transforming the university into a knowledge enterprise through its focus on research and development, industrial consultancy and by establishing efficient and
    effective mechanisms for managing innovations.


The main thrust of RGPV for next five year is on strategic interventions in four main areas ie :-

  • All Weather Approach Road
  • Enhance opportunities for postgraduate education and research in areas of high relevance to nations science and technology capabilities
  • Promote use of IT in technical education through promotion of e-Learning and web enabled teaching processes
  • Transforming the university into a knowledge enterprise through its focus on research and development, industrial consultancy and by establishing efficient and effective mechanisms for managing innovations, technology incubation, technology transfer and knowledge management
  • Providing effective mechanisms and support facilities for developing faculty and learning resources for its affiliated institutions. The tenth plan document thus include establishment of UTDs, COEs including a centre of Innovation and Technology Management, a Staff College for Human Resources Development in technical education besides strengthening the RGTU System.


With a faculty in various streams and more than 300 cutting-edge institutions the Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya is a place to make the future bright of our students.

For under graduates we provide the opportunities to enroll into Graduate Degree courses offered in the latest technology areas like Computer Science, Electronics & Communication, Information Technology, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Architecture etc. in your favorite institutes across Madhya Pradesh.

The world class infrastructure and support of Faculties at our Doctoral Programs offers opportunities to the Research Scholars to do their research works.

To know more about the University Academics you may get in touch with the Academics Department.

{tab=Courses Offered}

University Institute of Technology

UIT-RGPV is one of the premier engineering institutions in Central India. The Institution was established in the year 1986 by the Government of Madhya Pradesh as the Government Engineering College (GEC), Bhopal. In 1998 the Government of Madhya Pradesh declared this institute autonomous and named it as Bhopal Engineering College. This Institution was declared a constituent college of Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya (Technological University of the State of Madhya Pradesh) w.e.f. from July 2002 by an order of Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. It is currently known as University Institute of Technology and RGPV, Bhopal or UIT-RGPV


  • BE-Automobile Engineering
  • BE-Civil Engineering
  • BE-Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • BE-Computer Science & Engineering
  • BE-Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • BE-Electronics & Comm. Engg.
  • BE-Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • BE-Environmental Engg.
  • BE-Industrial Engineering & Management
  • BE-Industrial Production
  • BE-Information Technology
  • BE-Mechanical Engineering
  • BE-Petro Chemical


  • M.E.-Computer Science & Engg.
  • M.E.-Digital Communication
  • M.E.-Heat Power Engg.
  • M.E.-Power Systems
  • M.E.-Structural Engg.
  • M.Tech.-Computer Tech. & Application

School of Information Technology

The School of Information Technology at RGTU was established in 2002-03. School of Information Technology offers M. Tech. in Computer Technology & Applications as well as in Information Technology. These courses prepare young graduates to take state of art challenges as required by the industry and R & D organizations Information Technology is a field that continues to evolve at a rate faster than other disciplines. Advances in the field have resulted in significant developments in Information and Communication Technologies, which in turn, has had a tremendous impact on the way research, is conducted. As a result the school has increased its emphasis on research during the last few years. I take much pride to announce that within a short span of five years, the department has made a mark in ICT and Computing research especially in the area of Mobile Computing, Datamining, Soft computing, Information Security and Image Processing, which is evident from the magnitude of contribution to scientific literature. Encouraged by the continual success in the field of our research interest, the department is planning to set up a Special Interest Group in the area of Mobile Communication with close collaboration with universities of international repute and the leading industries of the area, which shall be focused on the design and development of new technologies for betterment of mankind. This department shall start an international journal on recent issues in information and communication technologies to provide a forum to the researchers and scientists. Realizing the need for the development of interdisciplinary research activities so as to strengthen and broaden our field, the Department has initiated close collaboration with other local and international academic as well as industrial institutions in the areas of nanotechnology, bioinformatics, middleware technologies, service oriented architecture and sensor networks. The department continues to contribute to advances in Information Technology and is striving to improve its position as one of the leading school in India.

Courses Offered

  • M.Tech.-Computer Science
  • M.Tech.-Computer Science & Engg.
  • M.Tech.-Computer Tech. & Application
  • M.Tech.-Information Technology

School of Energy Technology

With the view to strengthen the Nations resolve to achieve Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability in the foreseeable future, RGPV established a UTD in the area of Energy Technology and Environmental Management in the year 2002 with the prime objective to focus on Green Energy Technologies. This focus was also aimed at strengthening the cause of Energy Efficiency and mitigating Climate change & Environmental degradation. The focus areas for the department were identified as:

  • Affordable Renewable Energy Technologies
  • State-of-the-Art Clean Coal Technologies
  • Zero Emission Technologies
  • Climate Change
  • Bio Fuels & Bio Diesel
  • Bio Science in Waste Management
  • Green House Gas emission reduction and CO2 Capture Technologies

The department faculty also undertook specialized R&D projects and established some of the Renewable Energy devices through World Bank TEQIP project. Later, various impact projects were sponsored by AICTE, MNRE, DST and the nodal office of MNRE, the MP Urja Vikas Nigam, Bhopal. Some of the systems installed in the Energy Park include:

  • Solar Wind Hybrid System for Power Generation
  • Biodiesel Reactor
  • Biomass Gasifier
  • Solar Pumps & Fountains
  • CO2 Sequestration Unit
  • Solar-Biodiesel Hybrid Vehicle

Courses Offered

  • M.Tech.-Energy & Environment Mgmt.
  • M.Tech.-Energy Tech.

School of Bio-Technology

School of Biotechnology at RGPV was established in 2003 with a mission to build up state of the art infrastructure and facilities for world class research and development and balanced innovative teaching programmes commensurate with the needs of the nation and Madhya Pradesh, in particular. At present, School of Biotechnology runs M.Tech programme in Biotechnology. A number of research schemes supported by the central/state government agencies are ongoing in the School. Excellent facilities for teaching and research in animal biotechnology, plant biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, genetic engineering and biochemistry. Almost all major equipments including, thermal cycler (PCR), Gel documentation system, UV-visual double beam spectrophotometer, deep freezers, water purification system, large horizontal autoclave, Inverted microscope with compatible digital camera and CO2 incubators are available. Major areas of research at this centre include alternative medicine, cancer research, biofuels and biodiesel, genomics and environmental biotechnology.

Courses Offered

  • M.Tech.-Biotechnology

School of Nano Technology

The RGPV, School of Nanotechnology was established in 2007, the School of Nanotechnology is currently running M.Tech (Nanotechnology) and Ph D program in addition to cutting edge research and development in areas of high relevance to the country which includes Nano-materials, functional materials and thin films. The Post Graduate course offered is aim to generate skilled and motivated manpower in different areas of Nanotechnology related Research & Industry.

Range of research opportunities facing the School of Nanotechnology, RGPV and its collaborative partners is truly unlimited. Researchers from the School of Nanotechnology and its partners have already started the process of producing patent applications for breakthroughs in Carbon Nanoelectronics (Graphene synthesis), Sensor Nanotechnology (Nanowire gas sensors), Surface functionalization Nanotechnology (Hydrophobic metallic surfaces), and solar energy (Polymer nanoparticle hybrid solar cells). Some of the areas in which School of Nanotechnology, RGPV is strategically focusing its future research are Nanoelectronics, Nanofluidics, Energy conversion and storage, water and air purification technology, Bio-nanotechnology and therapeutic devices.

Course Offered

  • M.Tech.-Nanotechnology

School of Pharmaceutical Science

One of the front line institutions in Madhya Pradesh dedicated entirely for post graduate study and research in Pharmaceutical Sciences and allied disciplines, was established on 28th Dec. 2002. Dynamic and internationally top rated research is integrated with excellent teaching to further knowledge and understanding of medicines-how they made, how they act and how people use them to prevent and cure diseases. Our school aims to nurture outstanding researchers in a modern, forward-thinking and exciting place of work. We seek to advance the field of Pharmaceutical Science through state-of-the-art research and discovery in the areas of Anti cancer and Anti HIV drug design and development, biopharmaceutics and drug delivery. This multidisciplinary research develops new methodologies for drug discovery that identifies and develops new pharmacotherapeutic agents against validated targets implicated in Cancer & AIDS and develop and optimize new drug delivery systems. We are committed to the innovative education of graduate and professional students through a scientifically integrated program to become outstanding pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacists. We aspire to be nationally recognized in achievement in pharmaceutical sciences research and education and to actively pursue our goal to be recognized as a contract research organization (CRO) something that we are well on the way to achieving. We also strive to be a partner of choice with pharmaceutical industries, as we recognize that the successful development and launch of a new therapeutics is a cooperative effort.

Courses Offered

  • M.Pharm-Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • M.Pharm-Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • M.Pharm-Pharmaceutics
  • M.Pharm-Quality Assurance

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E-Governance Cell at RGPV
egov (a) rgtu.net

Support Centre at CRISP
rgpvsupport (a) crispindia.com

Phone : 0755-2507 833

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{modal url=http://www.rgpv.ac.in/}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal



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