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MAHARASHTRA Mumbai University
Mumbai University, Mumbai (State University)

{tab=About University}

Mumbai University, Mumbai
Established in Year: 1857


The University of Mumbai (known earlier as University of Bombay) is one of the oldest and premier Universities in India. It was established in 1857 consequent upon "Wood's Education Dispatch", and it is one amongst the first three Universities in India.

As a sequel to the change in the name of the city from Bombay to Mumbai, the name of the University has been changed from "University of Bombay " to "University of Mumbai " ,vide notification issued by the Government of Maharashtra and published in the Government Gazette dated 4th September, 1996.

The profile of this University carved out in 150 years of its functioning attests to its manifold achievements as the intellectual and moral powerhouse of the society. The University has always given its best to the country in general and to the city of Mumbai in particular by enthusiastically shouldering an ever-growing load of social values and opportunities.

Initially, the University concentrated its efforts on controlling teaching at the undergraduate level and in conducting examinations. Later on it took up research and the task of imparting instructions at the Post-Graduate level. This resulted in the establishment of the University Departments beginning with the School of Sociology and Civics & Politics. The independence of the country led to the re-organization of the functions and powers of the University with the passing of the Bombay University Act of 1953.

It is now granted a Five Star status by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). It has two campuses of area 230 acres and 13 acres, with 1.25 million square feet of built-up area, 22 thousand sq. feet of class-rooms and 84 thousand sq feet of laboratory space. It has two post-graduate centers, 354 affiliated colleges and 36 Departments. It has established its name in industrial collaborations and runs various professional courses.

At national level, it has excelled in sports, cultural and out-reach activities. In the last five years it has seen 104% increase in under-graduate students, 112% increase in post-graduate students and 147% increase in distance - education students. There is 156% increase in the number of research papers published in International journals. 12 Department/sections are recognized under various national programmes, such as SAP/CAS/DRS/DSA/COSIST/FIST. More than 80 teachers are on various professional bodies. 18 National/International awards are won by teachers in the last five years. Every year about 20 teachers visit abroad for academic activities. Recently more than 10 self-supporting courses have been started by the University.

{tab=Courses Offered}

List of Courses conducted by the University of Mumbai


1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
2. Five Years Integrated Programme (B.A. and M.A.) degree course in Russian.
3. Five Year Integrated (B.A. and M.A.) degree course in German
4. Bachelor’s Degree in Library & Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.)
5. Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)
6. Bachelor’s of Mass Media (B.M.M.)
7. Bachelor In Heritage Management (B.H.M.)
8. Master of Arts (M.A.)
9. M.A. in Numismatics and Archaeology degree course
10. M.A. in Education
11. M.A.(Honours) in Sociology
12. M.A.(Honours) in Politics
13. Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc.)
14. Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)
15. Master of Labour Studies (M.L.S.)
16. Master of Arts (Communication and Journalism)
17. Master of Arts in Public Relations
18. Master of Arts (Electronic Media)
19. M.A. in German Studies /M.A. in German Studies (Translation)
20. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (Full time and part time).
21. B.Ed. (Physical Education) (B.P.Ed.)
22. Bachelor of Education Special Education (Mentally Retarded)
23. B.Ed. (Hearing Impairment)
24. Master of Education (M.Ed.)
25. M.Ed. (Hearing Impairment)
26. Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.)
27. Certificate Course in Teaching Technologies in Higher Education
28. Diploma course in Management of Education
29. Diploma in Early Child hood care and Education (Dip E.C.C.Ed.)
30. Diploma in Yogic Education
31. Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling
32. Post Graduate Diploma in Continuing Education and Management
33. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Management of Education
34. P.G. Dip. in Special Education (Multiple/Disability Physical and Neurological)
35. P.G. Certificate Course in Research Methodology in Education
36. G-Tech 360 Degrees Certificate Course
37. Certificate Course in Therapeutic skills for the Helping Professions
38. Social Work Certificate for Senior Citizens
39. Certificate Course in Social Perspectives in Disaster Management
40. Certificate Course in Advanced Social Research Methodology
41. CRÈME (Customer Relations Management Expert) Certificate Course
42. G-Tech Network Specialist Certificate Course
43. WINGS Certificate Course
44. Certificate Course in Environment Management and Disaster Mitigation
45. Certificate Course in Disaster Counseling
46. Certificate Course in Pali Language and Literature
47. Certificate Course in Tennis Administration and Diploma Course in Tennis Training and Administration for Coaches
48. Certificate Course in Sound and Film Editing
49. Certificate Course in Voice Dubbing and Modulation
50. Certificate Course in “Peace Education”
51. Intensive Certificate Course in Italian
52. Certificate Course in Mass Media in Hindi
53. Certificate Course in ‘Philosophy of Communal Harmony Social Peace’
54. Certificate Course in ‘Indian Aesthetics’
55. Certificate Course in Puppetry
56. Certificate Course in Ancient Indian Culture
57. Diploma course in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Thoughts
58. Diploma in Indian Aesthetics
59. Diploma Course in Vallabh Vedanta
60. Diploma in Comparative Mythology
61. Diploma in Geography
62. Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies
63. Diploma in Social Work
64. Diploma Course in Sound Engineering (Audio Production, Sound Recording and Editing)
65. One Year Part-time Diploma in Conversational Japanese
66. One Year Part-time Diploma in Business Japanese
67. Intensive Diploma Course in Italian
68. Diploma Course in Mass Media in Hindi
69. Diploma Course in Buddhist Studies
70. Diploma in Epigraphy
71. Diploma in Indian Numismatics
72. Diploma course in Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology
73. Advanced Diploma (Post M.A.) in Clinical Psychology
74. Advanced Diploma (Post M.A.) in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
75. Advanced Diploma course in German
76. Advanced Diploma in Commercial and Technical Translation and Tourism (German)
77. One Year Part-time Advance Diploma Course in Philosophy of Vallabha Vedanta (Shuddhavaita) and Vaisnavism
78. Advance Diploma Course in Italian
79. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Linguistics
80. Post-Graduate Diploma course in Travel and Tourism Management
81. Post-Graduate Diploma course in Human Rights
82. Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies (part-time)
83. Post-Graduate Diploma course in Study of Religions
84. Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism through Urdu medium
85. Post-Graduate Diploma in Urdu, Theatre, Script Writing and Translation, Adaptation/Translation
86. Post-Graduate Diploma in Philosophy of Communal Harmony and Social Peace
87. Post-Graduate Diploma in German and European Inter-Cultural Studies
88. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Slums Studies and Development (DCSSD)
89. Post Graduate Diploma Course in Travel and Tourism Management
90. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Radio and Television Lekhan
91. Post-graduate Diploma in Film Lekhan
92. Post-Graduate Diploma in Therapeutic Intervention Skills for Psycho-Social Disorders
93. Post-Graduate Diploma in Rural Management
94. Post-graduate Diploma Course in Museology and Conservation
95. Post-graduate Advanced Diploma Course in Comparative Mythology
96. Post-graduate Diploma in Media and Disability Communication
97. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Women’s Studies
98. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Public Policy
99. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in International Studies
100. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Environment and Development
101. Post Graduate Diploma Course in Mysticism
102. Post Graduate Advance Diploma Course in Mysticism
103. Short Term/Intensive Basic Certificate Course in German
104. Conversational course in German for beginners
105. Certificate course in Business English Skills
106. Certificate course in Russian
107. WINGS Certificate Course
108. Certificate course in German
109. Short-term Intensive Basic Certificate Course in German
110. Certificate course in Marathi Language
111. Certificate course in French
112. Certificate course in Persian
113. Certificate course in Arabic
114. Certificate course in Italian
115. Certificate course in Sanskrit
116. Certificate course in Marathi
117. Certificate Course in Spanish
118. Certificate course in Kannada
119. Certificate course in Functional Hindi
120. Certificate course in Urdu
121. Certificate course in Sindhi
122. Certificate Course in Philosophy of Vallabh Vedanta (S’uddhadvaita) and Vaisnavism
123. Certificate course in Voice Culture and Verbal Communication.
124. Certificate Course in Yoga (Nomenclature changed Foundation Course in Yoga)
125. eqfnzr ‘kks/ku vkf.k laiknu dkS’kY;
126. Certificate course in Parliamentary Procedure
127. Certificate course in Glimpses of World Religions (one year)
128. Certificate course in Indian Culture
129. Certificate Course in American Accent and Culture Training
130. (1) Certificate course in Buddhism,
(2) Certificate course in Indian Philosophy,
(3) Certificate course in Indian Religions
131. Certificate course in Islamic Studies
132. Certificate course in Jainology
133. Certificate course in Manuscriptology
134. Short Course on Spoken Armenian
135. Certificate Course in Gardening and Nursery Management
136. Certificate Course in Astronomy and Astrophysics
137. Certificate Course in Peace Education
138. Certificate Course in Medical Attendant
139. Certificate Course in Indian Culture
140. Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying
141. Certificate Course in Documentary Film Making
142. Certificate Course in Rudra Veena
143. Diploma in Pali
144. Diploma in Sanskrit
145. Diploma in Marathi
146. lkfgR; laaokn
147. Diploma Course in Russian
148. Diploma in French
149. Diploma Course in German
150. Short term Intensive Diploma in German
151. Diploma in Persian
152. Diploma in Arabic
153. Diploma in Urdu
154. Diploma course in Prakrit
155. Diploma in Italian
156. Diploma in Sindhi
157. Diploma in Japanese
158. Diploma in Urdu Computer Applications and Multilingual
159. Diploma course in Security Management
160. Diploma course in Transport and Logistics Management
161. Personality Development through Yoga
162. Diploma in Consumer Consultancy (Part-Time)
163. Diploma Course in Manuscriptology
164. Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Vipassana
165. Diploma Course in Foundation of Yoga
166. Diploma in Islamic Studies
167. Diploma in Jainology
168. Diploma Course in Agricultural and Horticulture Management
A) Agro-Supplementary Animal Farm
B) Agro Farm Management
C) Horticulture Techniques
169. Diploma Course in Communication and Event Management
A) Communication Techniques
B) Event Management
170. Diploma Course in Tours, Travel & Tourism Mgt.
A) Tours & Ticketing Management
B) Tourism and Travel Techniques
C) Expert in Tour Costing
171. Diploma Course in Event Management
172. Diploma in Tour Management (UGDTM)
173. Advanced Diploma Course in Japanese
174. Advanced Diploma in Yoga
175. Advanced Diploma course in Arabic
176. Advanced Diploma course in Russian
177. Advanced Diploma Course in French
178. Advanced Diploma in Urdu
179. Advanced Diploma Course in German
180. Advanced Diploma Course in Manuscriptology
181. Advanced Diploma in Sindhi


1. Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.)
2. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)
3. Bachelor of Commerce (Banking & Insurance)
4. Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Markets)
5. Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S.)
6. Master of Commerce (M. Com.)
7. Master of Commerce M. Com. (E. Commerce )
8. Master of Management Studies (M.M.S.)
9. Master’s Degree in Marketing Management (M.M.M.)
10. Master of Financial Management (M.F.M. )
11. Master of Human Resources Development Management (M.H.R.D.M.)
12. Master’s degree in Information Management (M.I.M)
13. Master of Financial Services Management (M.F.S.M.)
14. Certificate course in Personnel Assessment and Management Technique for Business and Industry
15. Certificate Course in Crucial Issues in Disaster Management
16. Certificate course in Environment Management and Disaster Mitigation.
17. Certificate Courses in Accountancy
1. Certificate Course in Accounts of Trusts & Co-operative Society.
2. Certificate Course in Indirect Taxes(Central Excise & Service Tax)
3. Certificate Course in Basic Accounting and
4. Certificate Course in Direct Taxes (Income Tax)
18. Certificate Course in Computerized Accounting and Tally Package
19. Diploma in Marketing Management (D.M.M )
20. Diploma in Management Studies (D.M.S.)
21. Diploma in Systems Management (D.S.M. )
22. Diploma in Operation Management (D.O.M.)
23. Diploma in Computer Management (D.C.M.)
24. Diploma in Administrative Management (D.A.M.)
25. Diploma in Administration
26. Diploma in Investment Studies (D.I.S. )
27. Diploma in Financial Services Management (D.F.S.M.)
28. Diploma in Textile Management and Marketing (D.T.M.M.)
29. Diploma in Computer Software Techniques (D.C.S.T.)
30. Diploma in Advanced Computer Software Techniques (D.A.C.S.T.)
31. Diploma in Computer Programming (D.C.P.)
32. Diploma in Urban Management and Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Urban Management
33. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Indian Navy) (P.G.D.M.)
34. Post Graduate Diploma Courses in :-
1)Marketing Management
2)Financial Management
3)Materials Management
4)Human Resources Management
35. Post-Graduate Diploma in Management of Insurance Sector
36. Diploma Course in E-Commerce & Financial Accounting Mgt.
A)E-Commerce Technician
B)Computerized Office Technician
C)Computerized Financial Accounting Technician


1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
2. Bachelor of Science (Home Science )
3. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (Computer Science)
4. Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) (B.Sc. I.T.)
5. Bachelor of Science (Bio-Technology)
6. B.Sc.(Hospitality Studies) degree course
7. Bachelor of Science (Nautical Sciences)
8. Bachelor of Science (Aviation)
9. B.Sc. Mari-time Sciences
10. B.Sc. in Sports Management Degree Course
11. B.Sc. Mari-time Hospitality Studies
12. B.Sc. in Forensic Science
13. Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree Course
14. M.Sc. (Home Science )
15. M.Sc. (Home Science) degree Course in Food Processing and Preservation
16. M.Sc. (Home Science) degree Course Sports Nutrition
17. Five Year Integrated M.Sc. Degree in Basic Sciences
18. Five Year Integrated Course in M.Sc. in Bioanlytical Sciences
19. Five Year Integrated Course in M.Sc. degree course in Computer Science
20. M.Sc. (Bio-Chemistry) By Research
21. M.Sc. Bio-analytical Sciences
22. M.Sc. Degree Course in Herbal Science
23. M.Sc. degree course in Bio-analytical Instrumentation
24. M.Sc. degree course in Bio-Informatics
25. M.Sc. in Nano-Science and Nano Technology
26. M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences
27. M.Sc. degree course in Nutraceuticals
28. Post B.Sc. Diploma in Computer Science and Application
29. Certificate/Diploma/Advance Course in Bio-technology (Vocational)
30. Certificate/Diploma/Advance Course in Molecular Microbiology (Vocational)
31. Certificate course in Bio-informatics
32. Certificate Course in Primary Care Paramedics
33. Certificate Course in Instrumentation
34. Certificate Course in Sensor Networks
35. Diploma in Industrial Toxicology course
36. Diploma in Aspects of Bio-Technology
37. Diploma Course in Analytical Instrumentation
38. Diploma Course in Electronics
39. Diploma in Cosmetics and Perfumery Technology
40. Diploma in Computerized Data Processing and Management Information System
41. Diploma in Environmental Pollution Control Technology (D.E.P.C.T.)
42. Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Technology
43. Post-Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition
44. Post-Graduate Diploma in Food Processing and Preservation
45. Post Graduate Diploma course in Horticulture
46. Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Chemical Process Operations (P.G.D.I.C.P.O.)
47. Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Pollution Analysis and Control
48. Post-graduate Diploma course in Perfumery and Cosmetics Management
49. P.G. Diploma in Techniques in Chemical Industry (PGDTICI)
50. One Year Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information Systems
51. P.G. Dip. in Energy Audit and Alternative Energy Sources
52. Post-Graduate Diploma in Analytical Techniques
53. Post-graduate Diploma in Actuarial Science
54. Post-Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
55. Post-graduate Advanced Diploma in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding
56. Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied, Statistics with Software
57. Post-graduate Diploma in Digital Composting and Visual Effects (PGDDCVE)
58. P.G. Diploma in Digital and Cyber Forensic and related Law
59. P.G. Diploma in Forensic Science and related Law
60. Certificate Course in Bio-culture Techniques
61. Short-term Under-Graduate Courses Viz.
1)Industrial Chemistry
2) Polymers Chemistry & Processing
3) Environment & Industry
62. Certificate Course in Agro Products Processing
63. Certificate Course in Medical Social Worker
64. Certificate Course in Food Nutrition & Health
65. Diploma Course in Computer DTP, Multimedia Web Page Technician
A) Computer Technician
B) DTP Technician
C) Multimedia Technician
D) Web Page Technician


1. Bachelor of Law (LL.B.)
2. Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) (Three Years)
3. Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) (Five Years)
4. Master of Law (LL.M.)
5. Master of Law By Research (LL.M.)
6. Diploma Course in Labour Laws and Labour Welfare
7. Diploma course in Taxation Law
8. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Cyber Law
9. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Forensic Science and Law
10. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Human Rights and Laws
11. Post-graduate Diploma in Criminal Law, Procedure and Practice.
12. Post-graduate Diploma course in Intellectual Property Rights
13. Post-Graduate Diploma course in Juvenile Jurisprudence and Juvenile Justice system.
14. Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Laws and Practice
15. Post-Graduate Certificate course in Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R.)


1. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) (Full-time)
2. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) (Part-time)
3. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)
4. Bachelor of Textiles (B.Text.)
5. Bachelor of Chemical Technology (B.Chem. Tech.)
6. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (B.Chem. Engg.)
7. Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (B.Pharm. Sc.)
8. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)
9. Bachelor of Architecture with Interior Design course
10. Master of Engineering (M.E.) (Full-time)
11. Master of Engineering degree course (Part-Time)
12. Master of Engineering (M.E.) Electronics (Part-Time) degree course
13. Master of Engineering (Production) (with specialization in Manufacturing) (Parttime degree course)
14. Master of Engineering (M.E.) (Plastic Engineering) Degree Course
15. Master of Technology (M.Tech.)
16. Master of Technology (Green Technology) (Full time)
17. Master of Technology (Green Technology) (Part-time)
18. Master of Technology (Textiles)/M.Tech. (Textiles)
19. Master of Textiles (M.Text.) (By Papers)
20. Master of Textiles (M.Text.) (By Research)
21. Master of Chemical Engineering (M.Chem. Engg.)
22. Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.)
23. Master of Pharmaceutical Science (M.Pharm.Sc.) course
24. Master of Architecture (By Research)
25. Master of Architecture in Urban Design (M.Arch) (Urban Design)
26. Master of Architecture in Landscape (M.Arch.) (Landscape) (Full time)
27. Master of Architecture in Landscape (M.Arch.) (Landscape) (Part-time)
28. Master of Architecture in Architectural and Urban Conservation
29. Master of Architecture in Urban and Regional Planning
30. Certificate course in Chemical Technology


1. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) (Applied Art) (Revised) Degree Course
2. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) Painting (Revised Degree Course)
3. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) (Sculpture) (Revised) Degree Course
4. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) (Metal Work) (Revised Course)
5. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) (Textile Design) (Revised Course)
6. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) (Interior Decoration) (Revised Course)
7. Bachelor of Fine Art (B.F.A.) (Ceramics) (Revised Course)
8. Master of Fine Art Degree Course (M.F.A.) (By Research and By Papers.) in the Branches of
1. Applied Arts
2. Painting
3. History of Arts
4. Sculpture
5. Textile Design
6. Metal Work
7. Ceramics and
8. Interior Decoration.
9. Bachelor of Performing Art (B.P.A.) (Dance)
10. Master of Performing Arts (M.P.A.) (Dance)
11. Certificate/Diploma/Advance Diploma in Dance (Kathak) Part-time
12. Diploma in Dance (Dance and Fitness) *Nomenclature change
P.G. Diploma in Dance and Fitness
13. Diploma Course in Dance (Kathak) (Part-time) (Three Year)
14. Foundation course in Dance
15. Post Graduate Bridge Course in Dance
16. Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.)
17. Bachelor of Performing Arts/ (B.P.A.) (Music) (Karnataka Vocal/ Instrumental)
18. Master of Music (M.Mus.)
19. Certificate Course in Studio Singing Technique
20. Certificate course in Music Composition and Direction
21. Certificate course in Music Appreciation and Music Journalism
22. Certificate course in Sound Recording and Sound Reproduction
23. Advanced Certificate course in Sound Recording and Reproduction
24. Certificate Course in Light Music
25. Certificate course in Performance Proficiency in Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal/Sitar/Tabla)
26. Pre Diploma Certificate Course in Music (Classical Vocal)
27. Diploma in Music
28. Diploma in Music K.V.C.
29. Master of Theatre Arts
30.Certificate Courses in Performing Folk Arts
31. Certificate Course in Dramatics (In Marathi)
32. P.G. Diploma Course in Performing Folk Arts (DPFA)


1. Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diploma Course in Rainfed Agriculture (Revised Course of Dylan Agriculture Vocational Course of UGC)
2. Environmental Studies
3. Forensic Biochemistry
4. Environmental Biochemistry
5. Applied Biotechnology
6. Research Methodology
7. Drug Discovery and Development
8. Industrial Biochemistry
9. Instrumental Analytical Techniques
10. Clinical Biochemistry and Basics of Medical Laboratory Technology
11. Nutrition and Dietetics
12. Food Processing and Preservation
13. Quality Control (OC), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
14. 1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course in Vocational Bio-Technology
15. 1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course in Molecular Microbiology
16. Certificate Course in Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information Systems
17. Diploma in Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information System
18. E-Commerce
19. Customer Resource Management
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3)Advanced Diploma Course
20. Stock Market Operation Management
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3)Advanced Diploma Course
21. Tax Procedure and Practice
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
22. Family Business Management
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
23. International Business (Export Mgt.)
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
24. Management of Retail Business
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
25. Certificate in Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
26. Personal Selling Salesmanship and Sales Force Management
27. Secretarial Practice and Office Management
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
28. Foreign Trade Management
29. Certificate Course in Biodiversity
30. Certificate Course in Horticulture
31. A Design & Maintenance of Domestic & Industrial (Electrical & Electronic Appliances)
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
32. Food and Nutrition
33. Actuarial Science
34. Hindustani Classical Music
35. Functional English
36. Child Care and Child Development
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
37. Environmental Auditing
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
38. Web Designing and Office Automation
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
39. Hardware Maintenance
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
40. Tissue Culture
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
41. 1) Certificate In Horticulture,
2) Diploma in Horticulture
3) Advanced Diploma in Horticulture
42. Electronics Equipment Maintenance
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course - 31 -
3) Advanced Diploma Course
43. Heritage Management
44. Certificate/Diploma in Conversational English
45. Tax Procedure and Practice
1) Certificate Course/
2) Diploma Course and
3) Advanced Diploma Course
46. Tourism and Travel Management
1) Certificate Course/
2) Diploma Course and
3) Advanced Diploma Course
47. Science of Fishery
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
48. Instrumentation
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma
49. Certificate Course in Marathi Language for Non-Marathains
50. Computer Applications
1) Certificate Course
2) Diploma Course
3) Advanced Diploma Course
51. 1)Computer Network and Optical Fibre
2)Microprocessor and Microcontroller
3)Laboratory Maintenance
4)Semiconductor Science and Technology
5)Medical Electronics
52. Certificate Course in Gandhian Philosophy
53. Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship in Textile Crafts
54. Certificate Course in Visual Merchandising
55. Certificate Course in Nutrition and Exercise for Fitness
56. Certificate Course in Indirect Taxes
57. Certificate Course in Bioinformatics
58. Certificate Course in Retail Marketing
59. Certificate Course in Clinical Studies and Data Management
60. Certificate Course in Swahili Language
61. Certificate Course in Geology
62. Diploma Course in Bioinformatics
63. Diploma Course in Clinical Studies and Data Management
64. Advanced Diploma Course in Clinical Studies and Data Management
65. Advanced Diploma Course in Bioinformatics
66. Post-graduate Diploma in Consumer Protection
67. One year Post-graduate Diploma course in Biodiversity


1. Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) D.Sc. (By Thesis)
2. Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.)
3. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in various subjects
4. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in the faculties of :-
(1)Arts (including Education)
(2) Science
(3) Commerce and
(4) Law


1. B.A.
2. B.COM.(Accounts OR Management Group)
3. B.Sc. (Information Technology)
4. B.Sc. (Computer Science)
5. B.Sc. (Nautical Technology)
6. M.A.
7. M.A. (Education)
8. M.Com. (Account OR Management Group)
9. M.A./M.Sc. (Mathematics)
10. M.Sc. (Information Technology)
11. M.Sc. (Computer Science)
12. Master of Computer Application (M.C.A.)
13. Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (D.F.M.)
14. Post-Graduate Diploma in Operational Research Management (D.O.R.M.)


1. Certificate Course in Medical Transcription
2. Certificate Course in Net Programming
3. Certificate Course in Insurance Marketing
4. Certificate Course in Hospital Management
5. Certificate Course in Environmental Quality Management
6. Certificate Course in Agri-Tourism
7. Certificate Course in Introduction to Computer Reservation System
8. Diploma in Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding (DCC & FF)
9. Diploma in Foreign Trade Management (DFTM)
10. Diploma course in Interior Design
11. Diploma in Computer Application Technology
12. Diploma in Tour Management
13. Diploma in Paint Applications Technology (Dip. P.A.T.)
14. Diploma in Tourism and Travel Industry Management
15. Diploma in Retailing
16. Diploma in Medical Radiography
17. Diploma Course in Jewellery Designing Management
18. Diploma Programme in Agriculture and Business
19. Post Graduate Diploma Course in Tourism & Travel Industry Management
20. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Environmental Pollution Control Technology
21. Post-Graduate Diploma course in Communication and Journalism
22. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Computer Programming and System Analysis
23. P.G. Diploma Course in Hospital Management and Health Care
24. Post Graduate Diploma Course in Retail Management
25. Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Insurance Sector
26. Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Dramatics
27. Post Graduate Diploma in Agri-Business Management
28. Post-graduate Diploma in Insurance Administration
29. Post-graduate Diploma in Management of Insurance Sector (PGDMIS)
30. Post-graduate Diploma in Analytical Techniques
31. Post-graduate Diploma Course in Pharma Management
32. Post-graduate Diploma Course in Hospital Administration
33. Certificate course in personal and office skills
34. Post-graduate Diploma Course in Journalism and Communication (Gujarati)
35. Certificate Course in I.T. Security (Information Technology)
36. Post-graduate Diploma Courses in
(1) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
(2) Retail Operations Management
37. Post-Graduate Diploma in Telecom Management (PGDTLM)
38. Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
39. Post-graduate Diploma in Jewellery Management
40. Under-graduate Diploma in Paints Application Technology
41. Post-graduate Diploma in Film and Television
42. One Year Part-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Media
43. One Year Part-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management

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Fort Campus: 22708700.
Kalina Campus: 26543000 / 26543300.

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