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ORISSA Berhampur University
Berhampur University, Berhampur (State University)
{tab=About University}

Berhampur University, Berhampur
Established in Year: 1967

The Berhampur University came into existence on 2nd January 1967 being inaugurated by Dr. A.N. Khosla, the then Governor of Orissa and the first Chancellor of the University. The University was later shifted to the present site known as Bhanja Bihar, named after the celebrated poet of Orissa Kabisamrat Upendra Bhanja. Spreading over an area of about two hundred fifty acres the university is twelve kilometres and 5 kilometers away from the Berhampur City and Sea-beach of Gopalpur respectively.

The university has a wide area under its jurisdiction comprising the districts of Ganjam, Gajapati, Koraput, Rayagada, Nowrangapur, Malkangiri, Kandhamala and Boudh. Eleven Govt. colleges, sixty two non Govt. colleges and twenty six professional technical colleges are affiliated to the university. To the credit of the university these institutes cater to the need of students in various subjects and disciplines such as Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacology, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Nursing, Military Science, Library Science and Fine Arts.

There are twenty post-graduate departments in the university offering specialized subjects and M. Phil programmes. Some of the faculties like Mass Communication, Tourism and Indian Monuments, Electronic Science, Computer Science, Marine Science, Military Science make the University stand apart from some other universities of the country.

The university has achieved great distinction in the academic world due to the qualitative and quantitative production of M. Phil., Ph.D., D. Litt and D. Sc degrees. So far many projects, major and minor funded by the U.G.C., I.C.S.S.R., C.S.I.R. and D.S.T. etc. have been completed. About two hundred fifty research oriented and text books have been published by the teachers. The university has the record of holding seminars and conferences every year apart from organising weekly seminars in the departments. Several U.G.C. sponsored Refresher Courses/Orientation Programmes/Summer Institutes are conducted in the university for the benefit of the university and college teachers.

With all such multifarious academic activities the university has so far received reciprocal recognition from many Indian universities. It is a permanent member of the Inter University Board of India and Sri Lanka as well as that of the Association of Common Wealth University of London. The University has got NAAC accrediation with a rating of B+.

At present the Campus has eight teaching blocks, eight hostels, a health centre, an Engineering Office, a guest house, an M.E. School, a High School/Junior College, a Library, a Museum-cum-Archival Cell, a landing ground, a Play ground, a Sports Council centre, a shopping complex, a Canteen, an S.B.I. Branch, a Post Office, three temples and an Administrative Building with a Distant Education Cell and a College Development Council.

On the whole for past many decades the university has remained as the symbol of glory and prosperity for the people of South Orissa. Though the university has completed 40 years and has carved for itself a place of pride in the academic map of the country, yet it has miles and miles ahead to go in the service of the students, scholars and society and the country at large.



1. To provide the benefits of higher education to the people of south Orissa.

2. To foster socio-economic growth of the region.

3. To study, preserve and enrich the culture of south Orissa.

{tab=Courses Offered}

Department Of Computer Science

  • Master of Computer Application(3-year)
  • M.Tech. in Computer Science(2-year)

Department Of Marine Science

  • Marine Biology : Fisheries, Biological Oceanography & Remote Sensing.
  • Oceanography : Marine Chemistry, Physical Oceanography & Remote Sensing.

Department Of Physics

  • M.Sc.
  • M.Phil.


Department Of Chemistry

  • M.Sc.
  • M.Phil.


Department Of Botany

  • M.Sc.
  • M.Phil.
  • P.G. Diploma Course


Department Of Zoology

P. G. Level : Biology of non-chordates, Cytology & Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Practical on non-chordata and Cytology, Biology of Chordata, Biotechnology, Instrumentation & Techniques, Developmental Biology, Eihology & Evolution, Practical on Chordata, Embryology & Histology’, Mammalian Physiology, Endocrinology Biochemistry, Immunology, Ecology Bio-statistics & Taxonomy, Practical on Physiology, Biochemistry & Ecology.

Special papers Offered :

1. Cell & Molecular Biology

2, Cell Physiology & Biochemistry

M. Phil Level : Animal Biology,. Ecology, Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Cytology, Cell Biology. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Cells Physiology & Biochemistry, Tools and Techniques.


Department Of Mathematics

i) Post Graduate Level :
The course will cover the following subjects in general Set Theory and Logic, Real Analysis, Calculus of Several Variable, Partial Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra, Complex Analysis, Numerial Analysis, Topology, Functional Analysis, Differential Geometry.
Elective : Fluid Dynamics/Operations Reserarch/Discrete Mathematics/Graph Theory/Number Theoritic Crpto graphy/Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis.
Theory of Numbers/Operator Theory/Topological Vector Space/Fourier Analysis/Harmonic analysis/ordinary Differential Equations. Matrix transformation in Sequence Spaces/Partial Differential Equations/Abstract measure and Probability/Advanced Complex Analysis/Automata Theory/Integral Equations.
ii) M. Phil Level :
The Course will cover the following subjects in general, Advanced analysis, Topological vector spaces.
Elective : Sequence Spaces/Functional Differential Equations/Fluid Dynamics/Linear Techniques Geometric Functions Theory.

Department Of Electronic Science

  • M. Tech. in Electronic Information System (EIS)

Forthcoming Courses
The following Courses are being examined actively for offering from the coming Academic Year: B. Tech.(EIS), Certificate Courses in Electromagnetics, Embeded Design, Optoelectronics, Engineering Law & Management, Medical Law & Hospital Management.


Department Of Pharmacy


Department Of Political Science

i) Post Graduate Level :
Part - I (Ist and 2nd Semester) : Indian Government Politics, Compartive Politics, International Politics, Public Administration, Political Thought.
Part - II (3rd and 4th Semester) : Political Sociology, Political Theory, Government and Politics in Orissa
Special Papers (Group A) : Contemporary Political Ideologies, Contemporary Indian Political Ideas, (Group B) : Indian Foreign Policy, American Foreign Policy

ii) M. Phil. Level :
Modern Political Theory, Research Methodology, Modern Political Analysis


a. Post-graduation Level : The Department offers courses like Principles of Practices of Management, Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, Labour Legislation and Case Law, Labour Economics and Labour Problems, Labour Welfare and Labour Administration, Research Methodology & Quantitative Techniques, Organisational behaviour. Human Resource Development, Social Security, Plant Level Management Relation, Trade unionism, International HRM and IR , Organisational Change and Development, Computer Learning and Application in Organisational Change and Development, and Dissertation.
The Department has introduced semester pattern of course since 1996 spreading over four semesters covering 1600 marks. The curricula include written, field study, comprehensive viva-voce and seminar presentation. Apart from these a paper on Computer Learning and Application in Human Resource Management has been included in Semester -IV. Each semester consists of Mid-Sem. Examination and an End-S.em. J-A-amination, the latter being the University examination.
As a professional subject the course curricula envisage both theoretical instructions as well as practical training. The students are sent to industrial establishments and government agencies for exposure to job situations and to acquire practical skill and knowledge.

b. M. Phil Level : The M. Phil course comprises Methods of Social Science Research, Indian Labour Problems, Personnel Management, Trade Unionism, Problems of Unorganised Labour. Besides the scholars are required to prepare a dissertation on a project under the supervision of a faculty member.

c. Ph. D. Programme : Different scholars are working for Ph. D. on regular and part time basis. The areas of research include Labour Problems, Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Social Security, Labour Welfare etc.


  • M.A. History
  • P.G. Diploma in Tourism and Indian Monuments (PGDTIM)
  • M. Phil.
  • D.Litt.


Department Of Economics

At P.G. Level :
Micro and Macro economics, Public Economics, Economics of Development and Planning, Quantitative Methods, Indian Economic Policy, International Economics and Economics of Social Sectors and Environment with optional papers on Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, Computer Application in Economics, Industrial Economics and Labour Economics.
At M.Phil. Level :
Research Methodology, Applied Econometrics, Quantitative Methods and Agricultural Economics.

Department Of Home Science

i) P.G. Level : Nutrition, Public Health, Management Home Furnishing, Home Science Extension Education, Development of Children, Research Methodology, Family methodology, Womens’ studies, Guidance & counselling.
Specialisations offered : a) Human Development and Family studies. b) Extension communication and Rural Development. c) Nutrition & Dietetics, d) Human & Community Research Management

ii) M.Phil. Level : Advanced Home Science, Applied Research & Statistics, Advanced Nutrition, Human & Community Resource Management. Advanced studies in Human Development. Advanced Extension Education and Communication


Department Of Oriya

i) Post Graduate Level : Ancient Indian Literature (Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit - Apavrasmsa), Eastern and Western Criticism, Ancient Oriya Literature (Folklore, Puran, Prose), Medieval Oriya Literature (Kavya, Champu, etc.) Modern Oriya Literature (Drama, Poetry, Novel, Short story, essay etc.)
Special Paper :
Folk-lore, Medieval Literature and Post independent Oriya Literature.

ii) M.Phil. :
Research methodology, Editing, Western Criticism.
Special Paper : Theory of Novel and Kavya tatwa.


Department Of English

  • M.A.(English): Two-Year Degree Course
  • M.Phil.(English): One-Year Diploma Course


Department Of Mass communication

  • M. A, (Mass Communication)


Department Of Linguistics

(Including specialisation if any) at P.G. Level
a) P.G. in Linguistics
Specialization : Psycholingistics, Lexicography
b) One year Diploma in Russian Language.


Department Of Commerce

(i) Post Graduate Level :
The Course covers the following subjects in general.
Marketing Management, Financial Institutions and Markets, Advanced Corporate Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Statistical Analysis, Business Environment, Management Concepts and Organisational Behaviour, Business Economics, Accounting for Managerial Decision Making.
Specialisation Offered :
Computer Application : Management Information System, Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, Ms-Power Point, Fox-Pro, Computerised Accounting Tally, Data Base Management
Marketing : Consumer Behaviour, Sales Promotion and Advertising, Marketing Research, Computer Application to Marketing
Finance : Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Financial Services, Computer Application fo Finance
(ii) M.Phil Level :
Research Methodology, Financial Analysis, Bank Management, Mathematics for Business Research, Dissertation.


  • MBA



  • LL.M

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Berhampur University,
Berhampur - 760007, Orissa, INDIA

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{modal url=http://bamu.nic.in/}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Berhampur University, Berhampur



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