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RAJASTHAN Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University
Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, Jaipur (Private University)
{tab=About University}

Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, Jaipur
Established in Year: 2009

We need educated minds to change the world as it is education which replaces an empty mind with an open one .With growth of economy there has been phenomenal change all over the education system.

The education system in India is going through a phase of transition from a product based system to more a process based system Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole- A name to reckon within the education sector .Along with the conventional courses like in the field of medicine in engineering , here are plethora of coveted field for the budding professionals.

The university enables the youth of upcoming generation to have education in upcoming branches under one roof with courses like Journalism , Fashion ,Animation, Photography , Interior Designing ,Biotechnology ,Law, Hospital and Hospitality Management ,Agriculture Research & MBA. Where one had never heard of courses like BBA, BCA, PGDCA, MCA, M.Sc IT, Dual & Integrated Programmes but now the ongoing process of globalization has Heightened.

The fact that there is a huge demand of skilled workforce in the form of young technocrats ,IT Professionals, Agricultural Professionals , and dynamic entrepreneurs in the job market ,Who would be able to influence domestic and global market.


The world of knowledge is widening and the universities have become instruments of national competition and a powerful force for global integration. It is in MJRP that the attention is paid not only to enhance the knowledge but the focus is also to improve the skills of the students.

The curriculum is continuously updated to keep the students updated to latest trends because today’s job market demands professional with abilities beyond the knowledge of the subject. Time to time seminars; guest lectures from experts, debates, personality development classes are conducted to upgrade the students.

{tab=Courses Offered}


  • Post Graduation-M Design (Interior Design)
  • Post Graduation-M. Arch
  • Graduation-B Design
  • B.Arch.-Architecture & Planning
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Architectural Assistantship


Engineering & Technology

  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Tech-Masters Programme
  • B.Tech-U.G. Programme
  • Integrated-B.Tech+MBA
  • Dual-B. Tech+ M. Tech


Polytechnic & ITI

  • Diploma Programme-Computer Operator/ Programming Assistant
  • Diploma Programme-Mobile Repairing
  • Diploma Programme-Plumber
  • Diploma Programme-Mechanic(Diesel)
  • Diploma Programme-Welder
  • Diploma Programme-Turner
  • Diploma Programme-Fitter
  • Diploma Programme-Electrician
  • Diploma Programme-Non-Eng. Diploma (Design/ Dress Making Design)
  • Diploma Programme-Eng. Diploma (Computer Science / Electrical/ Electronics / IT /Mechanical /Civil)
  • Diploma Programme-Lateral Entry
  • Graduation-Lateral Entry Courses (D to D)



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-MBA in Agri. Business
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc(Ag.) Horticulture/ Plant Breeding & Genetics
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Water Resource Management
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Water Conservation/ Farm Management
  • Graduation-B.Sc (Hons) Ag & MBA in Agribusiness (Intg)
  • Graduation-B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri.
  • Certificate Programme-Certificate Programme



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-M. Phil + Ph D.
  • Graduation-LL.B.
  • Post Graduation-LL.M.
  • Post Graduation-LLM + Ph. D.
  • Post Graduation-PG Diploma (Env. Law/ Forensic Sc./ Human Rights)
  • Post Graduation-LLB + MBL
  • Post Graduation-LLB + MBA
  • Post Graduation-LL.M+MBA
  • Post Graduation-MBL
  • Post Graduation-LL. M.
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma (IPR/ Labour Laws)
  • Integrated-BBA+LLB+LLM
  • Integrated-B.Sc+LLB
  • Integrated-BBA+LLB



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-Masters of Business Economics
  • Post Graduation-MBA (Hospitality Management)
  • Post Graduation-MBA (Hospital Management)
  • Post Graduation-Executive MBA
  • Post Graduation-M.B.A (HR/ IT/ IB/ Marketing/FM)
  • Post Graduation-MBA Hotel Management
  • Graduation-BBA
  • Dual-BBA + MBA



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Graduation-B.Ed in Special Education
  • Graduation-B. Ed.
  • Post Graduation-M.A. (Education)
  • Post Graduation-M. Ed.
  • Certificate Programme-Certificate Course In Guidance & Counselling



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-M.A. in Mass Communication
  • Post Graduation-MBA in Media Management
  • Post Graduation-M.A in Advertising and Public Relation
  • Post Graduation-MJMC
  • Post Graduation Diploma-P.G .Diploma in Mass Communication
  • Post Graduation Diploma-Public Relation & Corporate Communication
  • Graduation-B.A. in Mass Communication
  • Graduation-BJMC
  • Diploma Programme-Photo Journalism
  • Diploma Programme-Audio & Video Editing
  • Diploma Programme-Media & Production Management
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Digital Media Communication(Photography & Videography)
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Advertisement & Public Relation
  • Diploma Programme-Electronic Media & Journalism
  • Diploma Programme-Event Management & Live Entertainment
  • Diploma Programme-Web Media & Cyber Journalism


Allied Health Sciences

  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-MBA in Pharma and Sales Management
  • Post Graduation-Master in Pharmacy (M.Pharm.)
  • Post Graduation-Master in Nursing (M.Sc. Nursing)
  • Post Graduation-Masters in Public Health Science (MPHSc.)
  • Post Graduation-Master in Medical Lab Technology (MMLT)
  • Post Graduation-Master in Radiology & Imaging Technology (MRIT)
  • Post Graduation-Master in Physiotherapy(MPT)
  • B.Tech-Bachelor in Pharmacy(B.Pharm.)
  • Graduation-B.Sc(Nursing)
  • Graduation-Bachelor in Public Health Science(BPHSc.)
  • Graduation-Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology ( BMLT)
  • Graduation-Bachelor in Physiotherapy(BPT)
  • Graduation-Bachelor in Radiology & Imaging Technology(BRIT)
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Physiotherapy (DPT)
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm)
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Public Health Science (DPHSc.)
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (DMLT)
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Radiology & imaging Technology (DRIT)


Fashion Design and Technology

  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-M Design (Fashion)
  • Post Graduation-M Design (Textile)
  • Post Graduation-Master in Fashion Management
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Surface Embellishment
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Pattern Making & Garment Construction
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Fashion Illustration & Design
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Jewellery Designing
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Graduation-B Design (Fashion)
  • Graduation-B Design (Textile)
  • Certificate Programme-Computer Aided Fashion Design
  • Certificate Programme-Computer Aided Textile Design
  • Integrated-B. Design+Fashion Management
  • Integrated-B. Design+MBA
  • Dual-B. Design+M. Design



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc. Home Sc (Clothing & Textile)
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc. Home Sc (Human Development & Child Counselling)
  • Post Graduation-M. Sc. Home Sc (Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc (Geography/Psychology)
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc (Zoology/Botany/Environment Science/Biology/Toxicology)
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc. (Chemistry/Pharma Chemistry/Textile Chemistry/Applied Chemistry / Physics/Maths/Statistics)
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc. (Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Microbiology)
  • Post Graduation Diploma-Guidance & Councelling/Clinical Psychology/Clinical Nutrition/Clinical Research / forensic Science
  • Graduation-B.Sc(Hotel Management)
  • Graduation-B.Sc Biotechnology/Microbiology
  • Graduation-B.Sc. Hons.(Chemistry/Zoology/Botany)
  • Graduation-B.Sc Home Science
  • Graduation-B.Sc. Pass Course/Applied Science
  • Certificate Programme-Certificate in Data Management/Clinical Trials
  • Integrated-B.Sc+MBA
  • Dual-B.Sc+M.Sc.(Micro Biology/Bio Technology)
  • Dual-B.Sc+M.Sc.(chemistry/Bio Chemistry)



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-Master of Arts in Animation
  • Post Graduation-Master in Visual Art
  • Post Graduation-M.A. Home Science
  • Post Graduation-M.A. Economics / Political Science/English/Public Add.&policy/ History/ Sociology
  • Post Graduation-M.A. (Geography / Psychology/Guidance & Counseling)
  • Post Graduation-Masters in Social Work (MSW)
  • Post Graduation Diploma-Rural Management
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Guidance and counselling /clinical psychology
  • Graduation-Bachelor of Social Work
  • Graduation-B.A. (Animation)
  • Graduation-B.A Hons(English/Psychology/ Economics/ History/Political Science/Public Adm/Sociology)
  • Graduation-B.A. (Pass Course)
  • Graduation-BVA (Visual Art-Applied/ Painting/ Sculpture)
  • Certificate Programme-Guidance & Counselling/ Social Work/Spoken English
  • Diploma Programme-Rural Management
  • Integrated-B.A. + MBA
  • Dual-B.A. (Hons.) + M.A.
  • Dual-B.A. + M.A.



  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-M.Com in ABST/BADM/EAFM
  • Post Graduation-M.Com International Business /Applied Economics
  • Post Graduation-M.Com E-Commerce & Financial Management
  • Graduation-B.Com Honours (ABST/BADM/EAFM)
  • Graduation-B.Com Pass Course
  • Integrated-B.Com+MBA
  • Dual-B.Com+M.Com


Computer Science

  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-MCA
  • Post Graduation-M.S.C. (IT)
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc. (Computer Science)
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PGDCA
  • Diploma Programme-PGDIT
  • Graduation-B.Sc. (CS)
  • Graduation-B.Sc. (IT)
  • Graduation-BCA
  • Integrated-BCA+ MBA
  • Integrated-B.Sc.(CS) + MBA
  • Integrated-B.Sc. (IT) + MBA
  • Dual-BCA +M Sc IT
  • Dual-BCA +MCA
  • Dual-B.Sc. (CS.) + M.Sc. (CS.)
  • Dual-B.Sc. (IT) + M.Sc. (IT)


Vedic Science & Yoga

  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • M.Phil.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc/ M.A. in Yogic Science
  • Post Graduation-M.Sc/ M.A. in Applied Yoga & Human Excellence
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy For Doctors
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy
  • Graduation-B.A./B.Sc in Vedic Sciences
  • Graduation-B.A./ B.Sc in Naturopathy & Yogic Science
  • Certificate Programme-Certificate Course in Yoga/ Astrology/Yoga Therapy for Doctors/ Vastushastra
  • Diploma Programme-Diploma in Astrology/ Vastushastra


Film Technology

  • Ph.D.-Research Programme
  • Post Graduation-M.A/M.Sc. in Animation & Computer Graphics
  • Post Graduation-M.A/M.Sc. in Video Editing & Video Graphy
  • Post Graduation-M.A /M.Sc. in Still Photography
  • Post Graduation-M.A /M.Sc. in Film & TV Production
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Documentary Making
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Animation & Multimedia
  • Post Graduation Diploma-PG Diploma in Film & Television
  • Graduation-B.A/B.Sc in Video Editing & Videography
  • Graduation-B.A/B.Sc. in Still Photography
  • Graduation-B.A /B.Sc in Animation & Computer Graphics
  • Graduation-B.A /B.Sc in Film & TV Production
  • Certificate Programme-News Reading & Broadcast Reporting
  • Certificate Programme-Acting/Choreography
  • Certificate Programme-Writing for Film & Television
  • Diploma Programme-News Reading & Broadcast Reporting
  • Diploma Programme-Acting/Choreography

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{tab=Contact Details}

Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University,
SP-2,3 Kant Kalwar , RIICO Industrial Area,
NH-8 Near Achrol, Jaipur,Rajasthan.

Corporate Office :
Ram Nagar Ext.,
New Sanganer Road,Sodala,
Jaipur 302019, Rajasthan, INDIA,

Phone No. : 91-01426-283950, 283952, 283953,
Fax No. : 91-0141-2294947.
E-Mail : info[a]mjrpuniversity.com

{tab=Official Website}

{modal url=http://www.mjrpuniversity.com}Click here{/modal} to visit official website of Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University, Jaipur



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